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My network of entrepreneurship Journey of bitterness

      today I want to write about my experiences! Primary school did not graduate writing is not good please don’t laugh!

      when you embark on the road of entrepreneurship when you face the dilemma is not expected! Let me tell you about my experience!

      early to do not understand in the case I put all the money paid as much as two a! Owe a debt! Have I not been defeated or decided to start a business! Do not understand the situation in the network to go on a more avant-garde ranks! The agent has two network agents, which makes me desperate! With the pain of being cheated and I created their own network platform! From the shallow to the deep! To this end I paid all my efforts, but also to pay for all of my family! In my face brought despair when crowning calamity backyard fire to me! I was all day with the pain endured the pain like a knife. Let me go on the network China top one thousand ranks! Although there is no income, but in the absence of too much money to invest in the current situation is basically stable in [15000] LP! I feel I have a sense of accomplishment! Although I haven’t succeeded yet! But I see the bright future! I never graduated from primary school a farmer at the age of 17 I will assume the assistance to the family!
      [I was 17 years old when I was only a mere 1.50 M] I felt the work of contemporary young people can not imagine! At the age of 19, he began to work again! Later, because of his hometown mining chance for me to go on a cleaning worker ranks! From the ordinary workers illiterate! To the director of a more than and 30 person workshop! What I can’t imagine is what I give! At that time the company was a local collective enterprise [I was able to do the workshop director because I have made outstanding contributions to the innovation of the enterprise, the value of its conservative estimate of about 20 million. Later, because of today’s society for a reason, a mining enterprise assets equivalent to 200 million to give some moths. See through their own efforts and a bunch of brothers founded by such bad foundation collapse, we decided to revolt! End up in failure! The poor are not rich! They have HanHen left my hometown. Into the billowing sea! And the merciless sea flooded! My road to entrepreneurship is lonely! No one understands! No one to support!
      I have been working for nearly a year since the launch of the network so far I have been working from 6:30 a.m. – around 23 am! Grope for. It can be said that in the world before the top ten thousand stations have appeared [ha ha entertainment] name [except English] should be >


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