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09 Jiangsu station will start enrollment of more than 500 owners gathered in Nanjing

according to the latest news from the official upcoming November 7th 13:00 in Jiangsu Nanjing science and Technology Museum was held by Tencent caifutong and Jiangsu station to host the 2009 Jiangsu conference and Jiangsu station (Nanjing) Internet Forum on the website before making tense has begun enrollment, this means that the first Jiangsu area the largest annual meeting of owners has been officially launched, owners will be full and free participation, there will be many domestic well-known master star studded Jiangsu provincial capital of Nanjing, to participate in the annual maximum annual meeting and many Jiangsu province webmaster webmaster deep interaction.

the spirit of bringing spiritual wealth is more worthwhile to Jiangsu station, the organizing committee invited to many well-known webmaster guests, including the famous Cai Wensheng, Pang Shengdong, industry heavyweight Dai Zhikang, Liu Yingqi, Liu Hui, Hua Jun, Pan Haidong, Zhang Zhiqiang etc.. At the same time there are models of grassroots refusing to swim fish, Guo Haibin, Zhang He, Wang, figure Cai Liwen, gJj, Zhou Tao, summer day, Qian Yu, Zhu Mingyue, Hu Yang, Wang Chenyun, Fan Qing, Dacai Yan, Li Xueming, Zhou Ning, Dou renowned bright guest webmaster. The General Assembly invited the famous expert Zhu Peng SEO, "Chinese balls, the webmaster magazine Yanhuang network Zhang Xiang, general manager Ruan Shaowu, Google Union, Baidu alliance, Shen Kai Wang Fang general manager Han Kun PHPCMS, vice president DEDECMS Pan Mengning, founder of SHOPEX Pei Dapeng, CC CEO Yuan Chang, thunder podcast Alliance Benxue yellow NSFocus security experts, Li Na Xiong Yunbo, vice president of our website easy to founder Ni Zhengdong, HISHOP founder Yang Bin CHINAZ, editor in chief of the baffler and other industry experts. They will be in the general assembly to promote the site on the total profit of the road as the theme of wonderful speech and interactive communication, I believe that the scene will be able to benefit from the webmaster. At the same time will be obtained by the conference organizers in Jiangsu station and dry week old K Chinese online for everyone involved in the webmaster carefully prepared a variety of exquisite small gifts and surprises in a large number of lottery, that will make the party full of joy.

this conference is the most important of the whole self-help mutual promotion function so many webmasters involved, as long as there will be special station mutual promotion channel promotional advertising, you can submit the application automatically displayed in the meeting site home page prominently through the audit. At the same time in order to break the normal procedure of the conference will be more reflected in grassroots value, special arrangements for the 30 minute meeting spot and guest interaction opportunities for participants and grassroots webmaster closer communication, the more initiative to the grassroots webmaster hand.

to be sure the "2009 Jiangsu station (Nanjing) and the Jiangsu Internet Forum" will be this year’s Jiangsu Internet industry 09 years the largest network event, will receive from all the webmaster attention, this event will be broadcast by the HOUSE365 the whole video Tencent, chief media support. Please.


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