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Stationmaster net broadcast QQ red hit WeChat advertising circle of friends measured on line

1 look at this set of PPT, you know how WeChat is selling the public number and the circle of friends advertising  

special Description:

1, the following PPT to introduce Tencent WeChat advertising system, which includes four parts, namely: WeChat, WeChat introduced the relevant advertising – public number part – WeChat advertising circle of friends, part of the WeChat advertising case selection.

2, the PPT from the network, only for the purpose of conveying information, we can search the relevant content, but does not represent the views of the blogger.

3, I am not Tencent insiders, only a very interested in WeChat, I hereby note.

4, the PPT worth of Internet practitioners, after reading what you feel?!

2.QQ, Alipay on-line chat function of incoming red giant mobile war battle  


news January 22nd, after QQ, mobile phone incoming news broke the day before the Spring Festival Red war, Tencent has launched QQ red envelope function, send more than 5.3.2 version of the mobile phone QQ can support QQ red.


WeChat red line, mobile payment Tencent increasingly improved, the year 2013 to the beginning of 16, in the WeChat red users exceeded 5 million users per minute to receive a red envelope of up to 9412, and in 2015, WeChat red also has become one of the important means of social network marketing, WeChat.

3 network information office special investigation ghost people reported the highest prize 50 thousand yuan  

reporter yesterday from the national Internet Information Office learned that the national network information office, the Ministry of public security, the State Press and Publication Administration jointly launched the "network extortion and delete posts paid" special rectification work, and strive to use about half of the time, trying to make the network space fully clear up.

will release a number of sites and social accounts

, director of the national network information office network extortion and paid posts "special rectification coordination group leader Lu Wei pointed out that this will carry out special rectification work, the person first clear position has the positive wind Su Ji, to clean up the attitude firmly and effectively prevent the black light, with strong determination and wrist take their surgery, follow the blacksmith needs its own hardware" belief, strengthen team construction, and strive to build a loyal, dedicated, hard iron Internet management.

4 Baidu released the 2015 China Mobile trends report, the largest increase in voice and image search  

January 22nd news: 2015 Baidu mobile search ecological summit in Beijing in January 21st. The general assembly to "ningxinjuli dream future" as the theme of the mobile ecosystem, to 20>


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