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Barrage video station suffered growing confusion two dimensional culture of piracy

[Abstract] at the same time, with the growth of age, some users began to leave home, no longer focus on the two dimensional culture from japan.


technology Tencent reported in May 14th

hin a rainy season

if you want to know the 90 house culture and the "two dimension" of the world, look at the barrage video site AcFun and Bilibili may be one of the best choice.

recently the two were known as "A, B station," the site has encountered some trouble. AcFun chief Simon announced that due to substandard, and investors are forced to leave, Bilibili stopped playing copyright animation film in its "new" area.

barrage from Japan Niconico video playback mode in 2008 to Chinese, has grown in recent years. The so-called barrage refers to the site to provide the viewer can comment on the videos, and a message will appear in the form of a barrage in the movie. AcFun and Bilibili is China’s largest in the field of the two sites, in addition to the creation in 2011 but relatively small network of C (tucao.cc), which is known as the station.

AB station and two dimensional culture

China barrage site can be described as "two dimensional" culture of enlightenment. Before A, B station established exchanges between animation enthusiasts focused on micro-blog and forum, but the communication between different groups in a fragmented state, once the disagreement of the work unit to "mutual spray, and the emergence of A and B stations to provide an open communication platform.

animation culture of the unique discourse, making the animation enthusiasts groups produced the so-called "two dimensional" complex. The two dimension refers to the flat world of animation and cartoon represented by the corresponding "three dimension" of the real world, two dimensional culture gradually extended, like Cosplay’s mother, adorable seiyuu voice and hand to do (from the collection of the Japanese character models) are representative of this culture.

User groups focused on "two dimensional" cultural circle

AB station, this part of the user is subdivided into "Chef" and ordinary powder. "Chef" refers to the extreme love for animation unit of the crowd, they often do not allow others to own a little bit of black love.

AcFun was founded in 2007, March 2008, more than six months AcFun station to imitate the Japanese video sharing with subtitles made a similar barrage type player Niconico animation, which is considered the originator barrage culture in Chinese, AcFun to house people gradually in the domestic circle gather a high popularity.

in 2009 due to occur within the site staff conflict management issues, AcFun member Xu Yi (aka Bishi) set up a separate portal Mikufans, and in 2010 officially changed its name to Bilibil>


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