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Daily topic how far away is the secret of the secret of morality and law

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network May 15th news, there has never been a APP to produce explosive growth in the first day on the line, never a just a few days on the APP can lead to so much attention, anonymous social software secret like a bomb was thrown to the crowd, blow up people for a long time to wear face masks. Recently, an anonymous social App software secret quietly popular. However, only one month on the shelves will be App Store shelves.

secret App hunting team, at the beginning of April at App Store on the line, and quickly rose to the free download charts in the first few. Its inspiration from the famous foreign Secret secret applications, based on the introduction of anonymous social contacts. Users only need to register their phone number, see the address book friends and friends of friends to share the secret. A netizen said that "the secret" APP social way: it’s like in a masquerade, will let you not consciously releasing hidden in real life on the other side.

a user at this stage can be registered in any mobile phone number, actually free to enter the 11 numbers, but after landing you can see is your mobile phone mail list on the user message, then friends on the mail list of friends, some city hot secret plus push the system, all the information that is currently a user can see at the same time, the user can choose the "like" and "comment", to accelerate the dissemination of the contents, and these behaviors are anonymous.

is the reason for the secret hot, insiders believe that this has a great relationship with the human nature of prying privacy evil. When you log in "secret" can be seen, which in addition to some such as "love the girl", "what to eat tonight like regular content, also filled with a lot of privacy and personal attacks involve others content.

in order to ensure that private density secret requires all users to join must have more than 3 friends in use, in order to unlock the secret to see friends. The channel is to unlock the circle of friends to WeChat, micro-blog and other invited to send links to attract more people to join, this snowball style propaganda for the secret of promotion has played a great role.

"secret" developers explained that this is to avoid the friends too, users may guess the information released by the content, "mail list and password through one-way encryption and salt treatment (mathematical proof, irreversible) to ensure that even in the worst case data stolen can not decrypt".

in this software, many users spontaneously clustered into one another’s relatives and friends, but not only know the specific identity of the group, put aside the usual public face, talk about some related "mistress", "derailed", "sex" and other topics, involving various contradictions and colleagues, classmates and family among individuals. Some people meet, peep, vent, gossip.


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