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Life service platform for mobile end of the dead a review of the information

text / Claire, since the media alliance WeMedia alliance members, WeChat public number: Claire’s Internet circle

users can see the mobile terminal information can be a key to dial, which is not provided by the PC function. The mobile Internet service platform to give life too much convenience, information closer to the user, release the source image upload more convenient, more abundant, voice media intervention, the mobile Internet is indeed a great chance of life service platform.

Classification information website

PC end has swept the tens of thousands, to cover across the platform, such as 58, go to the market, people network, small to small cities and counties in the distribution of classified information website. Even now in the Baidu search Beijing classified information website, there are as many as 100 search is a combination of local classification information website in Beijing.

mobile terminal has another advantage is superior and eliminating the inferior. When the large life service platform 58, the market in the mobile terminal to take cities and seize territory with their own brands, when small and medium life service platform began to fall behind. The number of users in the mobile terminal has a limited number of APP, if you look at the daily amount of live, then a large number of dead, in the limited APP among all mobile APP users in the fight for the use of time, activity.

life service platform in the mobile terminal is a very vertical category, but also its own giants such as BAT and APP have the dispute, but also to go to fight each other between the platform and the small and medium sized life service platform is does not have the strength, but also must be left behind.

Small life service platform

dispel the competition, the rest is between several large life service platform competition, there is no "numerous underlings" on the side waiting for the large life service platform, greater flexibility, large living service platform also relieved, no longer bitter all day to find a group of people change the chain.

registration, verification email or mobile phone number (public No.: WeChat Internet circle author Claire), released the information, upload pictures, the user information release time is not more than 10 minutes to complete the audit platform, speed is very fast, usually no more than 5 minutes. Information release side in the mobile terminal will be very convenient, they built a strong life service platform. As a content platform, life service platform requires publishers to publish more information for users to choose.


migrated from the PC side of the bane of information censorship, the mobile terminal has been resolved. I had to sign up for an account, verify the mailbox, phone number, and soon released information on several large life service platform APP, audit time is less than 5 minutes.

problem appeared, I released this information is actually test information, which is false information, but the platform side is still very easy to pass, and soon also received a telephone consultation.

if the user is deceived, you can


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