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The secret of social marketing interaction is greater than the effectiveness of sharing

reported in November 21st (compilation: hunting cloud network stacks)

when you use the Facebook or Twitter, have you ever thought of friends in social media played exactly what role? They are subtle influence on many of you, it is interesting that we didn’t notice……

why do you want to go to the micro-blog update status? Why do you want to view some of the social media product advertising?

we have a series of actions on the Internet, in fact, there are unknown behind the "power" in driving us. Friends and family factors affect our behavior on the Internet, including our Click to read, share and some praise content.

for the impact of social media on our friends, researchers have made some research results. By observing our interactions with friends, we get some conclusions about how we spend our time on the Internet and what we buy. These conclusions are also attractive for marketers, because understanding them can also be beneficial to their marketing strategy.

You can use these conclusions

social media marketing in you? If you don’t know what to do, may then look down to see, the researchers found the conclusion on you how to use these results in your marketing strategy.

unwritten rules of friendship in social media

is the real world friendship rule the same as that of social networks,


Arizona State University researchers Erin Bryant and Jennifer Marmo in order to seek answers to the friendship of friends on Facebook were studied. In 2012, they tested six groups of college students and young people to brainstorm about some rules about social media friendships.

they came up with 36 rules. These rules have been evaluated by 600 other Facebook users (aged 18-52 years), and the following are the rules of the 36 rules that they recognize in the.

1 I’m looking forward to getting this person’s reply when I upload a photo of him / her.

2 I can’t say bad things about him / her on Facebook.

3 I should consider whether the state of my hair will have a negative impact on my relationship with him / her.

4 if I uploaded some of the content but was deleted by him / her, then I should not release.

5 I should communicate with him / her outside the Facebook.

6 I should show myself to him / her, but not completely.


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