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How to do site optimization six Website Design

said content optimization program, here Nanjing SEO Iverson has its own understanding, I think, the content of the website is the core of all of our optimization work, whether it is your homepage, or column, or resources, or other means, are not as good as your site content well, only do users love reading the content is our long-term consideration. Following his experience shallowly.

a, the title of the content

, 1 novel, accurate and true: the content of the title and the title of the site, is our website face, clearly tell your readers about the central idea, slightly modified your title, be able to attract readers enough, but must be true.

2, to control the number of words: word control is one of the requirements of the title to do search engine can be included, and to ensure that the snapshot display can display the complete title we can, here is that, due to the content of the website is the page, add to your site’s main Title, content the title of the page needs according to their own situation to control, in general the content page title and site title add up to 32 Chinese characters to control the number of words in the following.

3, sign control: the content page is generally not signed, if you need to sign, according to their own needs, because the title of the page can be used as symbols, you can use some interjections, doubt class symbol, to attract readers to


two, the content of the main

1, the text: we have to write the article is expressed by text, so text expression is the main part of the page, you can text a little, but also can not to pile up, the clear expression of the meaning of lateral introduction and articles related to the content, to let the reader see useful is our ultimate objective.


2, the picture is a very good way to introduce auxiliary content, clear images, accurate layout, not only allows the reader to increase the visual effect, more content can we write the corresponding auxiliary.

, 3 Video: video is a new main body of the paper, if your site space enough bandwidth and traffic, the corresponding video will play a crackling effect, it will also enhance the content of your persuasion.

4, appropriate comments: comments are the main source of constant updating of the content page interaction, this is not only able to achieve the main content of the discussion, but also useful to complement the quality of our content. But here to explain is to pay attention to their comments do not appear sensitive words and other violations of the laws and regulations of the Internet words, we must do a good job protection measures.

5, the recommended plug-in: if the content of your readers will benefit readers corresponding to reprint your article, so it can do a blog or small plug-in accessory, make their own choice, remember to tell the reader to reprint leave your source. >


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