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How to use event marketing to obtain analytical Xiao Chai 350 thousand WeChat fans a day

see this title, I think many people have done the Bozhuan preparation, I have been shot to do. The first time to see about the event marketing article before the loose blog read an article "how to take advantage of the hot events spread SEO new thinking" in the article, and since then has a crush on each event marketing, event marketing case and behind began to stop observation within the industry event marketing master. Why is the behind the event marketing master? We all know to do event marketing, many of them have a kind of mystery, it seems to be behind, in secret, so we know has become a hot spot, but does not know who is planning, how to implement the.

In fact, many of our

learning or engaged in network marketing people, event marketing is an all elusive means of marketing, many successful cases we can only see the results, but can not see is how to implement the. Of course, this article is very few, only some of the network are also only a handful of hastily theoretical hydrology, no actual operability and imitation. So after I observe and learn more than a year, today I am speaking through an event marketing in 24 hours will WeChat public number of fans increased 350 thousand cases, through this case to tell you about some of the event marketing core point me a year to sum up, the hope can give a help, hope all. And. It may be said that many people are more eager to know who this person is, this is not important, we mainly talk about the case.

in the past, I think SEO will only do SEO, and then I watched a man followed him for more than a year, he collected a lot of control events, found that people who do SEO is actually an all rounder. Good nonsense not to say, we have to look at the event marketing to have several points.

first, have a keen sense of observation

here I first look at the popularity of event marketing, segmentation if there are many, but I’m here today is mainly about the marketing occasion.

every day in our lives, there are a variety of hot events, and in so many hot events, we have to use keen observation to find out in favor of our event. This potential ability seems simple, but it’s hard to do it. I observed a year of the event marketing master, he and our webmaster friends, have a grass root as the rest of the time, often stay up late.

some time ago a hot event occurred at about 12 in the evening, I later asked him, he was informed that he was about to see this event in the WeChat group around 12. He could see more than one of the event, but when others are happy when their taste Jin Tao, he will be the event sent to the WeChat circle of friends, others may also have hair, but because of his many fans because soon maxed out in his circle of friends. And his circle of friends are mostly engaged in marketing, so quickly in the WeChat circle of friends.


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