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Drain the Sina micro blog all free resources micro blog practical tools on

to do his work well, must first sharpen his playing micro-blog, too. After the opening of micro-blog, whether personal or administrative micro-blog, micro-blog micro-blog will take a grassroots entertainment, a good name, give it a position, then you can open the micro-blog trip. The process of playing micro-blog, I summed up as follows: learn to play to learn to play. Familiarity with micro-blog tools have even It differs from man to man., did not eat pork, haven’t seen a pig run? Whether you are micro-blog full-time maintenance personnel, or the ordinary micro-blog users, these applications mentioned below, you must use one or one or two. Because of the relationship between the length and layout of the page, the advantages and disadvantages of the tools listed in a word on behalf of the past, in the next three articles, I will give you a detailed description of how to dig their value.

Part 1: content generation.

cannot do without the micro-blog content + map + link three part, even if a micro-blog has millions of fans, but the long-term not update or not good content, fans is certainly less, its essence is: the content is everything. This is why the Reds micro-blog also has many fans in segments.

content is a necessary condition for the survival of micro-blog, if you can not find a good micro-blog text content, but also in urgent need of micro-blog content library and skin time machine



these two applications must be the best choice. The contents of their library classification clear, and micro-blog keyword search function, and each figure are even with good, you can choose to send a mouse. Good pictures can often make the spread of micro-blog effort, Pippi provides a map selection function independently, let micro-blog content more color.



scripts" is the third party website, it is presented on the site by Sina micro-blog micro-blog grab popular content. This site is a good place to see micro-blog hot, strange things.

actually, Sina micro-blog comes with a powerful content library, which is its search function.


Sina micro-blog search provides a popular forwarding, comments and other content micro-blog (although many popular forwarding are advertising, but there are still some use value). Especially the keyword search, what content search keywords, found out the results of the appropriate hot change (to encourage original, but the time it can be used), and then sent to their micro-blog often have unexpected results, that always works for me in the busy hour.

now is the era of pictures, good pictures can often make micro-blog communication to achieve a multiplier effect.




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