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Food network marketing gold consumers have a fresh viral

hunger breeds discontentment, this, I believe we all understand, and in fact, Feifei is a very greedy girl, think about every day around the world food.

food industry has been in the whole world economy plays an important role in the food industry, Chinese is one of the higher degree of market competition in the industry, especially after joining the WTO China, Chinese food industry is constantly accelerating. In recent years, food consumption crowd widely, competition fierce, the network marketing has become the media of assorted cold dishes after dinner dessert, the network has become a necessary food dish.

from the consumer level that people under the age of 35 is the main force in food consumption, Feifei mouth of the so-called gold consumers and users but it is one of the most active part of the group. Most of them have been accustomed to learning, work, communication, entertainment, life and so on through the network way to get more consumer information and life experience. Or a word: in order to seize the heart of the E generation, network marketing is undoubtedly the best way to capture the conventional advertising marketing increasingly tired of consumers.

food enterprises more and more in recent years end up this large network marketing, eat fresh. The following is Feifei of network marketing of domestic food plays a role of 4 points.

1 All flowers bloom together. network marketing modeLow

food consumers age level, this part of the consumer Internet most is holding entertainment mentality to go, so the direct way of advertising is difficult to grasp this group of young people’s heart, from marketing to SNS video game, from marketing to small type fashionable virus marketing, from wireless marketing to show off hungry Minisite, fresh network form all may become the carrier of food marketing.

2 to seize the mouth of the patrons, the amount of increase in the number of

food industry is the people’s most basic living security industry, of course, the food industry’s natural consumption of a wide range of people, the natural competition is inevitable. Network marketing to strengthen the depth of the competition, not only to supplement the role of the media, but also contributed to the sharp increase in the number of Internet users, the corresponding network marketing is greatly widened the space.

3 old rivals launched a new contest of network marketing model

typical example, Yili and Mengniu, Coca-Cola and Pepsi, these competitors well-matched in strength but never do on TV advertisement and terminal promotion mode to fight, and now the rise of network marketing, and to make sure they fought three hundred rounds. Erie is very clear and very reasonable to borrow the 08 years of the Olympic Games this big cake, very good and ruthless for their own brand of great publicity and further enhance their stable status. As can be imagined after network marketing will be staged many "scenes", Feifei, I believe everyone will understand this truth: who is willing to discard the increasingly large network consumer market.



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