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From the film the electricity supplier to the electricity supplier mother the only product for girl

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is selling a sense of trust, from the electricity supplier to mask electricity supplier mother, "the only product for girls to grow with mother

vertical market began to concern from 14 years in February, the change of population structure, consumption patterns, upgrading two-child policy of liberalization has stimulated the two trillion market surfaced, and Zulily to stimulate the market but also to the domestic entrepreneurs have entered. Only by the electricity supplier, honey bud baby, freaky help, babe network, lotus, diapers and other start-up companies division sale has completed financing.

is a member of this group is the only product of maternal electricity supplier entrepreneurs, the whole category of goods covered on the platform of mother and child, including the standard category of milk powder, diapers and non-standard category. Children’s clothes and toys. Standard category products are mainly in the sea Amoy and channel based agent, that is genuine and brand, is playing the sale; in the non-standard category, mainly to domestic brands and proprietary brand, is taking a small brand + quality. At present, the proportion of domestic and foreign products in the 4:6, but the opposite proportion of sales.

compared with the similar maternal electricity supplier products, only products made some interesting attempts: such as the use of "mogujie.com" and "beauty" mode in this category of children’s clothing, children’s clothing designers invited Field Collocation sets of clothing, a collection of different brands of products, and then to show the exquisite pictures of the form. This shopping way to continue the mother in the shopping habits of non maternal and child goods, for their own electricity supplier platform diversion.


but more interesting is the only product for future vision. They currently have more than 100 teams from the company’s BAT data mining, the future will gradually be based on the user’s purchase records to recommend the user’s first screen information flow, focusing on the mobile terminal electricity supplier. At the same time, the only product will try to self-care with independent brand development, a series of maternal and child products. This attempt has been done, the children are doing collocation designers are already planning the design of "the only product of the clothing brand.

for maternal electricity supplier market, the only product responsible person also shared his observation of the industry: the current major business platform of maternal and child are doing the same thing, is the accumulation of mothers trust. A sense of trust for the platform in addition to improve the retention rate and repeat purchase rate, but also bring more requirements, it is accompanied by user growth, such as the 3-6 year old market will gradually hot, books and toys will sound 15 years gradually in the second half hot.

In addition to the only product

, founder still operating in another business project, Taobao mask chinasikn, the top five brands in sales. The only Youpin team a total of 400 people, in Jiancang, logistics system and service system will be accumulated before using porcelain muscle resources, but also in the customer data through the porcelain muscle and the only superior products, make you a woman smoothly in shopping over to become a mother, and not for them the family provides more.


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