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Secret four major reasons for the revision of Mcglaughlin


yesterday evening Chen Chen found that Mcglaughlin has been revised, as a loyal member of Mcglaughlin I don’t know why this revision event, Mcglaughlin revised so suddenly? Must have a lot of friends will feel very surprised, why Mcglaughlin did well, but to be revised, even the name changed to today, Chen Chen? The four reason for revision of the secret of Mcglaughlin.

secret one of the real reasons for the revision of Mcglaughlin: Mcglaughlin suffered successive losses sustained losses.

in August last year when Mcglaughlin, American depositary shares price of 30 consecutive trading days closing bid price below $1, fails to comply with the rules of NASDAQ Stock $1 minimum standard, which means that Mcglaughlin have the risk of delisting. This news is a very big blow for Mcglaughlin, although Mcglaughlin has thrown up financial means, but the main reason for the decline is caused by the continued loss of the performance of Mcglaughlin, the suspect Mcglaughlin’s profitability is considerable.

secret Mcglaughlin revision of the real reason for the two: peer competition.

said Mcglaughlin’s marketing ability, Chen Chen had said operations under the framework of Mcglaughlin. Mcglaughlin is the main network, stores and mail order three distribution channels of clothing, Home Furnishing supplies, network is the largest share of the business, though, this greatly reduces the cost of marketing, because the network is not rent, but at present, the electricity supplier marketing cost is not easy, especially the competition platform is too much, this is Mcglaughlin caused great pressure, so the competition is the real reason for Mcglaughlin’s revision.

secret Mcglaughlin revision of the real reason for the three: stores and online shopping is difficult to unify, profitability difficult.

Chen Chen of Mcglaughlin’s activities is relatively clear, Mcglaughlin often have some special offer, like Chen Chen if optimistic about the dress is absolutely not in the store to buy, is certainly the first online shopping online shopping, because the price is relatively cheaper, and portal is relatively small, may be Mcglaughlin early on in store promotion is not in place, so the store is less, less activity, resulting in stores and online shopping difficult and difficult to profit.

secret Mcglaughlin revision of the real reason four: publicity is not in place, it is difficult to keep up with other electronic business platform.

believe that we saw 12 major business platform with all the promotions to promote sales, especially where the special offer 1 dollars, but Mcglaughlin is quiet, it reduces the sales of Mcglaughlin. From this point of view, we can easily see that Mcglaughlin’s festival is not in place, there is no activity to promote the electricity supplier is difficult to stand, because there is no user groups.

is the four largest cause of Chen Chen Mcglaughlin revealed a revision, regardless of whether the revision, this, Chen Chen wants Mcglaughlin to continue to work hard, can do better in the future revision. If you have any other questions can be added to Chen Chen, Chen Chen and you.


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