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Make big Before July 1st to buy 360 Badilong children watch send electric toothbrush

from the summer vacation is getting closer and closer, ready to take the children out of the travel parents do not forget the security issues. The country’s largest children’s watch brand 360 Badilong ongoing summer travel lefantian, also did not give the child to wear children watch parents immediately on the 360 mall, electric toothbrush and send activities only to June 30th 24


360 Badilong children watch as children watch industry big boss, its major products are the industry’s boutique. All 5 children watch as Badiron’s first feature, for example, children watch original operating system 360 OS for Wear, partner Badiron true artificial intelligence, multiple safety protection function six fusion positioning based on (safety area, key alarm, Bluetooth antilose, real-time dynamic positioning), audio noise reduction technology to provide ultra clear call the quality and so on. So high-end new products as long as 699 yuan, more than the same price of children’s watches too much.


in addition to Badiron children’s watch 5, there is a known as the country’s most cattle children’s watch children’s watch 5S.


Based on the

Badiron children watch 5, ultimate’s Badiron child watch 5S also has a 2 million pixel front camera, with a beauty and a variety of special effects is to let children take adorable love, the liberation of the parents’ mobile phone; 2C fast charging the battery life let children watch all night charge is shortened to 1 hours, charging 10 minutes the use of 8 hours, and with the full price of 999 yuan.


in addition to the two revolutionary products, Badiron is also a public child watch children watch new Badiron SE, the new function does not lose the other six hundred or seven hundred children watch brand, location, phone, security alarm, a key area, listen to one-way functions are available, the price is only 199 yuan, and sold every one Badiron child watch SE, 360 will be like the children in poor areas to donate 3.6 yuan, really for the conscience.


for the summer vacation, the 360 Badilong held summer travel lefantian activities, from June 24th 0 points to 24 points in June 30th. During the event, where the purchase of children’s watch 5/5s buyers will receive a value of 129 yuan of small European (OraCleen) children’s intelligent electric toothbrush, the purchase of the product can be reduced by up to 50. Activities are underway, parents who want to buy children’s watches may have to hurry up.


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