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Taobao electricity supplier to the flow of pain


from the beginning not to close for, to know the Amoy subsidiary of Taobao in order to grab more business platform data, compare the prices of goods to achieve business, naturally transformed himself into an open champion from the past few years, Taobao’s openness has been in the industry of high-end, correspondingly, the Jingdong and the Tencent and suning.com mall are obviously in a closed state, to know the electricity supplier data for these electronic business platform, it is the lifeblood, when the penis exposed, natural voice will be lost, is not conducive to their own dominance in business platform.

but at the Taobao actively open at the same time, on the other hand, Taobao is doing the self closed thing, because before this, because Baidu had a yes business model, Baidu announced a ban on Taobao crawl data, Baidu has rejected the Taobao advertising on Baidu, the formation of death nothing to do with the situation, but in order to make further mining its Amoy electricity supplier data, realize big data strategy, plus Baidu has ah from the electricity supplier competition, only the two cooperation of Taobao and Baidu, Taobao and Baidu from fenfenhehe is enough to see that Taobao on their own and the control of data flow determination.


but apparently for themselves and others of double standards, one hand to actively ask competitors to open data, let the Amoy network capture, on the other hand, he began playing for autism, the potential flow upstream began to close combat, this round of combat seems to become more popular.

WeChat has become an important block object

micro channel nature does not want to become Taobao’s entrance, but because of WeChat’s social model, let WeChat mobile electricity supplier genes, coupled with the electricity supplier Tencent suck, so these WeChat users naturally through the two-dimensional code will be transformed into the WeChat Taobao store on the transaction, this transaction will gradually control from Alipay, because WeChat bound caifutong also supports transactions, such as the Taobao platform to become Tencent’s commercial sources, although in a short time so that Taobao can get more traffic and revenue, but once users develop a consumer in WeChat, then the Tencent to change strategy, support Tencent business platform WeChat refused, on Taobao, so Taobao will have a huge loss.

with Taobao is clearly not willing to just live in the shadow of WeChat, Taobao will become the dominant flow from the beginning, that even in their upstream Taobao customers open brush, mogujie.com and beauty said traffic continues to decline, or even decline to 2011 just the construction flow level, will suffice Taobao blocked by these Taobao customers in Taobao search engine traffic where the proportion is related, in other words, Taobao businesses want to improve the weights of goods will enter from Taobao’s traffic entrance. This is obviously a huge threat to those Taobao sites.

Taobao closed road can go long



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