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The wisdom of Home Furnishing new era Martha HD mini camera wisdom unveiled in domestic market

recently, China market security technology giants have announced the launch of utility and HD wireless network camera, which means that, in the tide of the driving monitoring network to promote and market demand, video surveillance has IP HD wireless products aimed at the home market. As a leader in smart security industry, Shenzhen Zhi Meida Technology Limited has been done ahead of the competitors, take the forefront in the era of science and technology.

early in the first half, Chi Meida Technology Co. Ltd. (www.zmodo.com.cn) has been successfully developed in North America and launched IP HD wireless network camera, mini wireless NVR system. In January 2013 the German consumer electronics show, smart new products Meida booth caused a sensation. After the launch of the product in North America, users compete to grab this cutting-edge technology, superior performance, simple operation and simple and elegant appearance of IP HD wireless network camera. Thanks to the wisdom Meida customers and industry recognition of products, in the next six months, according to the needs of our customers and feedback, continue to improve and upgrade the products, to meet the various needs of North America and the greater range of customers.


today, after receiving the North American market in the first half time of market validation, intelligence official in the area Chinese Meida released IP HD wireless network camera, mini wireless NVR system. These two products will be relying on its unique advantages for the domestic civil security market brings a fresh wave.

wireless transmission, network monitoring zero distance

this series of cameras through the wireless network transmission mode to achieve the camera in the network environment plug and play. You can set the camera in any target area, which eliminates the inconvenience of your cable erection. At the same time, the information management system of mail and mobile phone alarm based on push, and allows you to stay at home will be able to timely understand the situation, and the zero distance, make sure you respond in the first time.

seamless, HD image zero blind spot

this series of cameras to ensure the monitoring of a million pixels of the image definition, high-definition image effect to meet the pursuit of high-quality, high-quality user needs. High performance infrared light and lens, realized in low light, through the fog and breakthrough quality depth of field, even in the absence of light at night can also clear imaging. Whether it’s on a mobile device or on a personal computer, you can see a clear picture in real time. At the same time, you can adjust the direction and angle of view of the camera through the terminal to see the full range of multi angle effect.

carefree, store backup zero trouble

camera with built-in SD memory card, can realize remote video local storage and backup, and can search, playback the video, very good to capture the scene and review of past events. Mini wireless NVR system


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