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Huang Hongren SNS QQ group to obtain accurate e mail marketing

referred to the QQ group a lot of people think, in the QQ group on the link and send e-mail group is the only way out, in fact, otherwise. In the QQ group to send links need to go through a long wait, want to mix in the QQ group that has to pay a considerable amount of time. Send a group of messages quickly kicked. There is no way out? The answer is yes!


SNS website at present is innumerable, want a in addition to create a circle of cultural traits, have to rely on e-mail marketing to bring popularity, then how to get the accurate customer mail? It is actually very simple, a lot of people know that there is a group of space QQ group, but say today not in the group space advertisers, advertising stickers is of little use.

we open a QQ group space, we can see the group members of the following directory.

this communication when the list of all the members of the group QQ number, and QQ number is a mailbox account, we just need to copy all the QQ numbers down. Then tidy up. Add the @QQ.com number behind, and the SNS based email invitation function, write a few attractive fantasies or professional words, can relax to the point of sending hundreds of accurate customer sending mail.

then how to find the QQ group? In fact, Tencent have QQ group search quite convenient, if I want to find the car related QQ group, direct search cars, in http://s.qun.qq.com/ http://s.qun.qq.com/#search/tx/%E6%B1%BD%E8%BD%A6, set out the QQ group enough for our marketing. This process is quite fast, as long as you can join the group, you do not need to spend too much time to mix, heat. The direct access to the QQ mailbox to send the list, but also do not know god. I don’t know you! This is not only suitable for example SNS, as for how to use each one according to his lights


warm tip: This article is by car 160 (www.qiche160.com) Huang Hongren original. Please keep the link and copyright, thank you for your cooperation!


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