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How to do network marketing enterprises grassroots webmaster SEO optimization

I still remember very clearly that I was in October 5, 2011, when the entry of the company is now the position of the website editor. But only in the company, I found that the site is a included only a few of the chain basically no one station keywords positioning illogical, at that time I just edit this website as a not essential position, boss is very simple, we have a the website, you just write some articles can be patted photos. BTW my previous experience, I’ve done a year internship reporter on television, on photography, camera, editing articles have some experience, then went to Guangzhou for a game company game designer. Thank you very much for the two period of valuable experience, after which I really come into contact with SEO, I found, to study in the two jobs on a lot of work skills and work habits is very important, this will be talked about in my back.

, enter the SEO circle unsuspectingly.

our company is doing the beauty salon franchise, I remember we had a web site keywords is to help us do station network name of the company, in addition to such words can help company to do site advertising. How to get traffic from search engines? So I in a few days after work, familiar with the website background operation, put the website title and keywords are changed, replaced by a "Changsha beauty salon" and "small beauty salon", thinking for these two words is our in Changsha, if Changsha around the market couldn’t open it, how to do the chain to open the national market? "Changsha beauty salon" of the core keywords is what I have to do, for the "small beauty salon" is taken into account when our brand awareness is not high. The conditions do not have the ability to talk big, located in the "small beauty salon" is more conducive to the transaction.

When we do this for the

SEO have some of their predecessors, but basically not much, so these two words a few days on the front page, also gradually to bring our website visits sporadic, more importantly, I remember our website the first customer is Changsha around the city Yueyang, which is a list of 88 thousand, at the time it is a very big customer, but I also unsuspectingly at that time, also do not understand. It’s just weird after signing our boss also personally to my call, talk about more than and 10 minutes, which for a new company, it is not a small staff, is overwhelmed by an unexpected favour. After the 88 thousand single deal, we realized that the importance of the Internet marketing, so our network promotion department was formally established. I accidentally became the network because of their manager, and I called the network of members of a company is the receptionist and secretary, one of several roles, one is our company finance are also part-time with me do the work of the Department of network. I say this not to say the way, just want to express a when.


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