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Look at the well known brand case soft cultural marketing this blind spot you ignore it

hard culture advertising marketing such as McDonald’s "I love it!"; "sunshine one hundred soy milk taste; anti dandruff advertising for the Procter & Gamble Company Head and Shoulders, in common with all of these advertising and marketing is the product features or their image to the mode of hard sell to consumers.

but they ignore an important link: cognitive habits of consumers is only interested in them. And those things of their own active memory preservation of long-term memory, but for those who are not interested in things, is only a "left ear, right ear" can not be called the memory of the moment


now comes up with a question: what do you think of billboards everywhere on the street and ads on TV every few minutes?

As a result, 93.5% of people surveyed by the

professional survey company had an aversion to the hard culture marketing. As everyone knows, the launch of a product can be sold only by the consumers know more likely, an important part of advertising and marketing also has become an indispensable product manufacturing and consumer buying process. After nearly a hundred years of development, this kind of hard cultural advertising reached its peak in twenty-first Century, and with the peak of this kind of advertising boom, consumers have reached an unprecedented level of resentment.

Coca-Cola and KFC’s secret recipe

hard cultural marketing advertising again and again to repeat the enterprise brand, want to make use of repeated to allow consumers to hear their own brand to remember their brand. The soft cultural marketing advertising refers to the use of some consumers can seize the eye of public interest or stealth advertising to allow consumers to take the initiative to remember your brand!

soft cultural marketing and hard cultural marketing is the biggest difference: soft cultural marketing focus on allowing consumers to remember your brand image, and hard cultural marketing is forcing consumers to remember your brand image.

Coca-Cola soft cultural marketing and KFC soft cultural marketing to show people this completely different brand communication ideas.

let’s take a look at Coca-Cola and the world fast-food giant KFC is how the soft cultural marketing? After investigation, we found that there is a common point of these two big brand marketing, that is what they are selling his secret:

Coca-Cola’s secret recipe is:

The secret of Coca-Cola

stored in the vault, very tight security measures, and this is what the tight unimaginable. If the company who wants to query this secret, then, the person must first apply, after the trust’s board of directors approved the full access to the vault key. At the same time, it is also strictly stipulated that the opening of the vault must meet the following two conditions: (1) the presence of the official; and the opening of the deposit within the specified period of time (2). So far less than 10 people know the secret.



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