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Talk about a sudden event marketing occasion to force

burst event marketing can also be called event marketing, the premise is the rapid and widespread event itself is sudden and transfer, and this kind of unexpected events often caused the people’s attention, so if companies use such events for enterprise promotion, the effect may be 10 million of the advertising costs the effect of a few simple examples below.

, a Fujian Fuzhou litchi slow-moving event

summer everyone love eat litchi, litchi Fujian Fuzhou is a big province, in July this year, the harvest yield of litchi fruit, but was not happy, because there are a lot of litchi unmarketable, reduced from the original a few dollars a pound, was reduced to only 5 cents a pound. When these good quality lychee so cheap in the market, the public began to wonder, because of curiosity aroused concern, followed by media attention, followed by a large number of media attention. Just a few days time, Fujian litchi growers in Fujian province unsalable event a large area of concern.

here, you have to think marketing two words? Sudden events, with rapid transmission of the society, the attention has been also spread tendency. So this is the typical emergencies, how to plan the marketing? If you are going to do? It is actually very simple, Fuzhou litchi slow-moving events are spread, people are concerned about this problem at the same time, will produce a large area of? Why litchi lychee not sell unsalable? How to do? How do not sell litchi do the fruit loss? These problems a large number of growers in the ask, plenty of people in question, the major newspapers and TV stations also ask.

at this time, the marketing personnel business enterprise should seize this kind of event, quickly contact farmers willing to help farmers on the other side of litchi unsalable sales, quickly contact the media reported the matter, the most simple operation that I do not need to say, the enterprise marketing personnel should be familiar heart proficient. Or using the enterprise platform initiative to help farmers sell slow-moving litchi, or make employees active, or employees buy unsalable litchi held at a local charity, or through other means through the hand to help growers. Fujian Xiamen making shoes by using micro shop business platform to help farmers, and a lot of forwards formed in the circle of friends, and finally lead to media reports, the enterprise has been outside of the praise.

the use of emergency do social welfare industry, not only won the praise of the community for the enterprise, to the enterprise brand promotion effect, which is one reason many companies are willing to dedicate themselves to the cause of good faith. So, the business enterprise or industry manufacturers, or concerned with social issues, to serve the society in practical action, the result is no harm to the enterprise itself gabriel. Sometimes, the treatment of unexpected events, may not be for marketing purposes, but in the spirit of charity, but also to achieve the effect of marketing.

two, Beijing UNIQLO video event

believe you remember not long ago’s very ordinary events, places, very ordinary, but a >


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