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QQ space marketing experience behind the user

Along with the development of

and QQ users stable increase, more and more marketing staff began to focus on QQ space marketing, and how to do marketing space, how to get the maximum space marketing conversion rate, which is undoubtedly the most headaches every salesman. And many people use QQ space is mostly to carry out their own marketing center, it is this concept, leading to the proliferation of space advertising. But this kind of marketing idea the result is "lose the wife of another soldier", "bitter every day" with a mobile phone to computer brush space advertising, its hard not to say, will eventually lead to hard to maintain friends, but because of the proliferation of advertising marketing model, and completely disintegrated. So how to avoid this "thankless" marketing tools do not appear in their own marketing model?.

a user experience: QQ

a lot of marketing staff will be marketing communication QQ as the basis, have this phenomenon in many marketers who: QQ head set advertising pictures, QQ net, QQ signature into advertising language, so, I want to ask you the marketing staff, set up, self satisfied and you feel very good, it has not considered the first feeling of users? You can imagine yourself as QQ users, suddenly a friend with you, head set is cosmetic pictures, Q name is "XYZ cosmetics monopoly", the signature is "special offer certain cosmetics sales, X yuan 2 Box Free Postage" you see this friend request you do? QQ as a mass communication tool, the general user does not want to allow marketers use advertisement to disturb your life, they need to be civilians, can chat together Rather than discuss the goods of friends, unless it is traders plus traders, plus QQ began to chat products. According to this situation, I give you some ideas:

1.QQ head do not use advertising pictures, and don’t use the two-dimensional code to the user, because the first feeling is very poor, try to use to look good is not aware that he is a member of the head of marketing. (I know people have told me to replace the QQ head, said the head too stunned, but I can feel it, at least to highlight the personality, head of the whole network only this one ~ this picture again how ugly, also when avatar look better than advertising.

)Try not to use the

2 network advertisement, such as must be used, in addition to some famous official businesses, as their own net complex, such as adding several symbols in front of net ah (for example: A’change this symbol will make its own QQ in other friends on the side, will greatly enhance the degree of exposure don’t be dull), screen name changed to "XYZ cosmetics monopoly", so that once the user feel for their products not much use would refuse to add friends, it will not give you the depth of marketing process.

3 signature as far as possible not to use advertising language, should be civilians, the signature is the user second feeling, if the signature is too advertising, the results will be worse, >


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