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Seriously do stand patience Baidu will eventually be included

I am a new webmaster, recently quite leisurely, suddenly last month made a website, prompted by a sudden impulse, begun in December 16th and December 20th to find a space to hang up, began to promote, then use the new domain name www.qqpai.cn, my site name QQ (sent to collect some QQ space QQ QQ expression things like Avatar).

I went to the beginning of the major search engines to log on, I thought that to log on, will be included faster, and later to see someone else wrote the article, saying that do not log on.

forget is second days or third days, Google included a page, the other no movement. At the same time, I in various forums, Baidu know, Baidu post bar message with links.

after one or two days, Yahoo included a page, Google Page two, Baidu 0.

a few days, I insist that every update (in fact most of them are collected ^_^), Yahoo and Google included in the pages slowly increased, Baidu no movement. The first thing I do every morning, is in the Baidu site, every day is very disappointed, for the Chinese website, the most concerned about is Baidu.

Thursday, December 27th, because I heard that Baidu on Thursday will be a large area of renewal, morning I opened the computer immediately site, results, or 0, I used to open my website, the website was not open, I faint! Hurry to find space business customer service, the answer is "server maintenance, please wait" I asked what time to start, maintenance, not yesterday evening would not open it, he replied "server maintenance, please wait a moment, I kuangyun. As a result, "wait" for a whole day, more than 9 in the evening, and finally completed maintenance……… I was mad!

December 28th, chat with a classmate at QQ, I let him look at my website, he said that he had a domain name has not expired, but the site has stopped, would you like to have a domain name pointing to your website, I think it is OK, he is the old name, can bring traffic to. OK, parsing completed, you can use his domain name. I site his domain name, Baidu included 39, actually pr=2. I said you good, PR is equal to, Baidu also included the 39, he said that now the website does not do, previously included several thousand pages, now no space renewal, stopped, so the collection of pages straight down, domain name anyway idle is idle, with you. His domain name is www.3jiang.cn, he was using the domain name to do Yunnan Sanjiang information network (


that a few days, I have been in front of the webmaster to read the article, learned a lot of things here, thank you very much!

I know how I would see IIS log, the space business management site there, opened the log, then download, see inside have Baidu spider traces that have been climbed. At that time I >


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