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Have to look at the QQ space marketing success of the four magic weapons

if your Internet base, website or shop suddenly open, your visitors do not contact you, your visitors do not know you where to go, and you have no way to solve all of this, I think you can imagine that you were feeling anxious and helpless.

No. 3 to No. 4 blog I experienced a moment of life and death, suddenly open, suddenly I and my visitors lost all contact, and I contact the service provider space the answer is still in an emergency repairs. At that time, if you feel the same as I have experienced, should have the same feeling, and the time is still all day.

is not because the blog can not access, they do? I will go to the layout of their QQ space, also released a blog, QQ space effect test, later found QQ space is absolutely a marketing tool.

may be a lot of people say that QQ space is not good to do SEO optimization, QQ space is not independent space, looks not beautiful, in fact, I think these are not the most important. In the Internet marketing, sales of products or services, what the most important? As the Vatican view, only two steps, first of all to flow, then the flow transformation, finally be accomplished. SEO, independent space, landscaping, etc., but these two processes can not be a small point, He Bitai care about it?

next I analyze the reasons why we choose QQ space as our marketing battlefield from four aspects:

first: QQ space free, stable.

won’t like independent space as often with convulsions, it enough to believe that the strength of Tencent, unless you go to do some illegal things, the Tencent will seal you.

second: QQ is the best tool for collecting customer data.

Chinese Internet users who do not use QQ, so the collection of your potential customers QQ is one of the best contact. If you want to collect more potential customers QQ, can QQ open membership, even the opening of business QQ service, but I think to spend the money in the pre need not, if you want to collect more information to potential clients, and do not want to spend money, can be used in conjunction with the QQ group, the QQ mailing list, the three micro-blog Tencent free tools to help you collect.

with these tools, you have to worry about memory you attract to flow? If you have to make a good bait can attract your potential customers, then go out to go, you are guaranteed to fill this several tools.

third: QQ space is the main battlefield conversion traffic, a good tool.

update log through QQ space, update the series of soft text to transform your traffic, and ultimately make money. Of course, on how to transform this, in the flow conversion Division will have a detailed description, then we can focus on the next.

when you update a log, click on it


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