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Liebo news or the acquisition of men’s clothing brand NOP


] March 26th news billion state power network, the day before the senior electricity suppliers who revealed to billion state power network, Liebo group will acquire online menswear brand NOP.

According to

news, Liebo and NOP both parties have started further contact. Moreover, before NOP had sought to sell, but did not find a suitable buyer.

according to the sources, according to the NOP now and the operation condition of the brand value, Liebo expected purchase price may be 10 million yuan, the maximum not more than 15 million yuan.

about rumors, billion state power network respectively to Liebo and NOP for confirmation, both sides did not respond positively. NOP said only, and only Liebo close together, often exchange and learning. But most industry insiders have said, did not hear the Liebo pending acquisition of NOP news, and very surprised.

but the industry Tongren Liebo pointed out that due to the capital strength behind the effects of mergers and acquisitions, the road has been slightly involuntarily. "Liebo now’s sub brand too much, too big steps." According to relevant sources, from the acquisition of NOP also have the capital strength from operation.

, a man named Liu Changjun behind the scenes in the acquisition surfaced. The senior business sources, Liu Changjun worked in the investment community, in the early Liebo investment projects. Then, Liu Changjun looking for funds to build NOP, become the real holder of NOP. NOP and Liebo investors quite closely, this relationship is the key factor to Liebo investment NOP.

Prior to

, Liebo had to enter the men’s clothing, men’s wear brand "pool", the continuation of the strong Liebo style. But there is nothing in the pool like Liebo occupied the women’s market, occupy online Menswear market. Sales data cube display in the pool in 2013 sales of nearly 30 million.

industry sources, the pool of non day trading volume in the hundreds of single or so, sales are not optimistic. The men’s NOP as the European style high-end men’s clothing, style and non pool differences, which provides great possibility for the acquisition of Liebo NOP.

, however, it is understood that the current operating status of NOP is also in a state of atrophy. Billion state power network through the data cube query relevant data: in 2013, NOP in the Tmall platform annual sales of only 2 million 500 thousand.


take a small volume at a lower price, for the healthy operation of the brand Liebo is cost-effective. From the aspect of user coverage, Liebo can be acquired through playing deeper and wider, the original pool in the men’s clothing brand is also a repair." Some industry sources said.

addition, Liebo development funds, flow and other aspects of the supply chain advantage will promote the Menswear brand.

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