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The gander unconscious sales to create a super conversion

In fact,

, the current network situation, the network in all parts of the network is filled with the figure of the network, especially small and medium enterprises have begun to focus on online sales. Usually a new station on the line, to go through a period of time, in order to maintain a week on average get hundreds of visitors, in these small enterprises in the new station, the flow to maintain the growth rate is not expected, or even difficult to maintain.

want to get a lot of profit on the network is determined by the number of directional traffic. How to make your site has a strong appeal, it has become a question of concern to the majority of the webmaster.

give an example of the side, one of my friends is doing software development, a programmer, usually love to play online games, due to busy work, playing games is a short time, and strong. So he compiled a small program to assist him, so that it can easily get the experience of the game. He usually has a habit of writing a blog, so he wrote this small software experience, experience, experience, written in his diary, each game update, he also updated their own small software. When his friends to see the blog in the introduction of this small software content, and asked him to sell your software to me, I would also like to use such software. At that time, my friend said that the relationship is so good, you can copy a copy. It was over.

but not for long, because his friends often play games, more contact with people, tell their own is how to get a lot of experience in the game, and then began to sell this small software, more and more people slowly to buy. So the friend found him, and said the matter, to discuss whether or not to write this kind of software to make money. Gain is good, so the author’s friend promised him.

after two years of development, he continued to own the experience of software and software brought about by the effect of revenue, published on the blog, more and more people find him to write software. So his fame is getting bigger and bigger, from the original two people cooperation, developed into today’s team of 30 people, he also became the boss. Although the programmer’s blog is still only a few people every day, but every one of the people who come to see his blog has been deeply attracted, so as to bring him a steady stream of customers.

from the author’s friends who saw that his original intention is not to rely on this small software to make money. If you want to promote a product, or service, whether you can use this unconscious method.

Author: Ling long A5 first author blog: www.sjzseo.tk


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