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China’s first B2C data open platform fifty nine seconds to lead the full development of the whole ne

at present, China e-commerce market development like a raging fire, but with the overseas capital market of the IPO window is closed, the electricity supplier has entered the era from the burn to enrich the data age based on the precise effect of marketing.

‘s first B2C data open platform – fifty-nine seconds, is the chief executive officer of the precise marketing of electricity supplier. Its core advantage is the summary of the entire network data, free of charge on the network media, developers and businesses three pillars of the industry launched the whole network data precision marketing model. "The traditional e-commerce model has been difficult to adapt to the rapid change of market demand, e-commerce integration" network "concept, or will become the owners of such media and the development of small and medium-sized enterprises is one of the effective solutions of mobile e-commerce." China Electronic Commerce Research Center analyst Zhang Zhouping told reporters. As a major bright spot of mobile e-commerce, the whole network e-commerce model, represents the future of e-commerce and mobile e-commerce towards integration, integration development trend.

The whole

network providers era "website media" profit has merit of

fifty-nine seconds open platform is the first and only one to provide B2C, buy, hotel reservations and other basic data to promote open platform. Has brought together 358 domestic B2C shopping site, more than 12984328 pieces of goods, offer the basic data, including Jingdong, VANCL, handle, the U.S. group, Ctrip line many giant electricity supplier have joined the whole network electricity supplier matrix in fifty-nine seconds. Fifty-nine seconds not only free of all domestic B2C businesses currently selling the product information, product search, compare prices, get promotion information services, also provides all the domestic group purchase website data, can get any domestic group purchase website, through the platform of API area, classified information can achieve CPS group purchase, sales promotion to get into.

mature platform architecture and improve the API interface, making the webmaster or program developers can simply use the API interface to obtain promotional data. With fifty-nine seconds to provide flexible sales into earning mechanism, divided into sales, and ultimately achieve flow is realized the long cherished wish:

a) hundreds of millions of goods

will be all online shopping mall all the goods for their own use, so that the end user to read online shopping mall.

b) technical support

fifty-nine seconds strong technical team and platform support, life-long free upgrades, allowing you to exempt from worries.

C) aftermarket worry free

all the work by the seller to mall, easy wangzhuan.

d) super large flow

increase tens of millions of web pages, more included, more surprises.

E) optional goods

combined with their own website features, according to the demand


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