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Share several efficient electricity supplier website marketing methods

What is the most difficult operation of

website, it is the marketing! Especially business website, marketing factors often occupied half! But the improper marketing methods, not only consume a large amount of cost, more terrible is, will cause deficits, according to statistics, this year the recruitment of Internet companies are not optimistic, which is greater than the ice age scene has ten years ago the Internet, now the electricity supplier website, save marketing costs and improve marketing performance, will be the effective method to increase income and reduce expenditure, here I come to share the electricity supplier website marketing methods of high efficiency and low cost, the hope can help to the webmaster friends


A: vomiting blood sale, is to attract the eye of

In fact,

e-commerce website marketing methods, many are learning to promote offline mode, hematemesis sale is undoubtedly a kind of best gimmick, such as a product to obtain a lower discount, so you can use the vomiting blood sale, and the products on sale, in order to attract more users, many smart client, already feel the mystery, but seeing this attractive temptation, will still be happy when, especially female friends, in order to give yourself a reason for shopping, shopping or reason, always invite friends call friends to this site! Then can’t help to myself the online Alipay! The previous news reports have confirmed the means of marketing, a female net friend a month online shopping bill up to tens of thousands, is this What is fierce, because saw all kinds of vomiting blood sale, promotional activities! And online shopping does not need to spend money, so pay up, happy love is not about money, and finally bought a lot of useless things at home


two: premium sales, taking the marketing resources

for electricity supplier sites, sales with prize, the purpose is not to let consumers get awards, we can use the lottery sales, and this award is very large, so that it is shocking, then asks the user to fill out the real information, taking QQ, e-mail, mobile phone number can be a tool of communication, and the these resources are put inside a database for later at any time point to point and specific marketing, can obtain the prize, that is a day do not know, now engaged in all kinds of lottery tickets, lottery sales, many are a gimmick, this is also our Counterplot, get more users to build their own data the marketing target of


three: spike to earn the brand effect

many of the electricity supplier website or platform will regularly launch all kinds of products of seckill activities, these activities are really seckill for the users because I never can make nothing of it, but because the success of seckill seckill, short time gathering popularity have been a gasp in admiration, once in a business platform, found that only three days activities, even gathered tens of thousands of people fighting for users, but the products are less than one hundred, and that these products seckill price is not.


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