Network marketing plan implementation plan

in order to better carry out the group purchase network marketing work, improve site traffic and the number of registered users, group purchase network brand construction and Wallace, to ensure the successful completion of the task group purchase group purchase, the maximum benefit, the combination of business liaison department, technology department, website promotion department and other departments cooperate with each other, the successful completion of network marketing the working group purchase network. The following is the work of various departments:

a. Web Technology Department

work content: 1. The establishment of the website; two. Site security maintenance; three. Statistical analysis of webmaster tools

Implementation Summary:

1 site to establish: imitate Group buy site model, the production of the establishment or purchase of a purchase of their own intellectual property rights or authorization of the site, do not use free of charge to buy the network source code. Need to note is the website construction group purchase is not the problem, and design a set of network group purchase group purchase for China user habits is the core problem, so entrepreneurs can network group purchase group purchase several net model reference, learn from.

2 website security maintenance: to ensure the normal operation of the website program, the program error cannot, can not open the page group purchase; two to ensure the spatial load, some network group purchase single group hundred, some single group can reach tens of thousands of, it is recommended to use a separate space.

3 webmaster statistical tools analysis: this work needs to cooperate with the promotion department, the analysis of the day of the IP source, the effect of the day to promote the evaluation of the network to promote the implementation of the program.


business liaison department

work content: first, to discuss business cooperation; two. Buy order delivery guide

Implementation Summary:

1: merchants and merchants to negotiate the selection of products: businesses should have the business license of the enterprise, it is best to have a certain well-known enterprises in the industry; the choice of products with local residents consumption demand and supply and demand of local market residents love good products. How to choose business and products: pay attention to the local print media advertising, the initiative is being organized by the promotional activities of enterprises, to discuss cooperation matters. Third, to buy goods and product information communicated to the promotion department.

2 group purchase order delivery guide: answer group overview about this group purchase products of answering questions about the tour guide tour of the consumer group purchase orders order.

three, promotion department

work content: 1. Offline media advertising. Two leaflets of the release of the three. Network media advertising on the network promotion strategy

Implementation Summary:

media advertising 1 put under the line: choose the time in the local newspaper to do some advertising and business information group purchase, to work together to do group purchase activities to promote advertising, which can reduce advertising costs, also can make the business and group purchase network to achieve.


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