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Cai Chongxin Vice President Ali Ali is trying to avoid a positive war with the Amazon

for attractive global business market, Ali is firmly take the "low" strategy.

in yesterday’s Hongkong business meeting, vice chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Cai Chongxin said in a speech, the Alibaba will temporarily and rival Amazon direct competition.

Cai Chongxin admitted that Alibaba is trying to avoid each other’s forward line, the short term will not enter each other’s major markets.

November 3rd, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong said at an analyst meeting, said Alibaba to global expansion is a long process. Cai Chongxin’s speech is a supplement to the speech of Zhang Yong, once again stressed the Alibaba for the global market to take a wide grain of the slow tactics.


Cai Chongxin also pointed out that although the Amazon is not a sign of weakness, a step ahead to develop the market of the United States, Britain, Germany and Japan, but the Alibaba is currently focused on the domestic market and Southeast Asia business growth is very rapid, including buying Southeast Asia’s largest online retailer Lazada stake.

even if the two sides want to go to war, the next battlefield is likely not the other side of the current main market, but the third party area. Where we are not clear." Cai Chongxin said.

said so, Ali is not trying to start from Amazon’s backyard. In June 2014, Ali had been in the United States through a subsidiary of 11 Main vigorously carry out local business, but is called "the U.S. version of Tmall’s Main 11 performance as expected, only 11 Main Ali in July 2015 will be sold to the United States local electricity supplier OpenSky. On the attempt and defeat, Cai Chongxin did not mention in his speech.


seems to Cai Chongxin, Chinese enterprises to enter the overseas market is a major obstacle to language, after all, in the global business activities, English is far more popular than mandarin. This is one of the reasons why he thinks the overseas market is going to be a long and difficult process.

Ali on the current business situation, Cai Chongxin’s calm can also be understood. According to the 2017 quarter of this year, released the fiscal year second earnings, Alibaba quarter revenue of $34 billion 290 million, an increase of 55%, more than analysts expected $33 billion 900 million. Among them, the huge volume of Alibaba e-commerce business is still maintaining sustained growth in the quarter revenue grew 41% to reach $28 billion 490 million.

in the domestic market potential has not been fully developed, Alibaba is not eager to take the risk of expanding the international market, nor is it in a hurry to declare war on the amazon. The real world electricity supplier war, it seems not so fast start.


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