Taobao last year half the rate of complaints

May 28th, the reporter learned from Taobao, in 2008, Taobao network transaction complaints significantly reduced, close to half of the rate of complaints in the network transactions in 2007.

it is understood that, in 2008, the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce high tech Zone Branch received a total of 600 cases of Taobao complaints from the same period, while the same period Taobao achieved net purchase transactions amounted to 99 billion 960 million. In other words, in 2008 Taobao online retail transactions, every 100 million yuan transactions, there are only 0.6 trading disputes.

Taobao said that for the quality control of goods, there are six sigma international standards, in accordance with the standard of "Six Sigma", each of the 1 million products have only two defects. In accordance with the current situation of Taobao transactions, has far exceeded this standard.

Taobao chief operating officer Mr. Zhang Yong also told reporters that Taobao is the best selling clothing.

according to Taobao data, as of the end of last year, the number of registered members of Taobao has been close to 1 hundred million, the number of goods is more than 2 hundred million, the average daily volume reached 600 million. There is no doubt that China is the largest shopping mall".

face a huge amount of transactions, transaction security has become more and more attention to online shopping participants. The day before, also specifically held in Hangzhou "China e-commerce security policy forum" to discuss with regulators, peers, establish network transaction safety standards "Chinese".

it is understood that the 2006 – 2008, Hangzhou network monitoring department received a total of 1535 online account funds theft alarm, the online bank accounts stolen 936, various other payment platform user accounts stolen from a total of 599 cases. In addition, a variety of phishing sites do everything possible to fake Taobao, pat Network fraud online user transactions, the total case reached 2324.

in the past, Taobao has developed a "heart, diamond crown," as the representative of the "evaluation standard", "Alipay" as the representative of the "payment standards"; the next transaction "safety standards" how to develop, become all network participants are thinking about the problem.


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