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Bank of China collection has been adjusted to 60 affecting the foreign union checks

Recently we are in the reaction Chinese bank collection business commission and to raise a sum of 60 yuan, is a sum of $30 before.

it reduces the number of transactions.

or $$50 only 400 yuan, but also to the bank 60 yuan, is not worthwhile.

similarly to Google, Adsense also is such, can increase the pay, set $300  to $500;.

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tidy collection procedures

required procedures are as follows:

1, get the check from the postman, take the check and your ID card to the local bank of China for check collection.

2, ICBC, CCB and other international clearing banks are now able to handle this business.

3, usually in the Bank of China in the foreign currency or foreign currency Department of the counter for collection procedures, do not forget to fill in your phone number.

4, you need to pay a certain fee to the Bank of China and check the mailing fee. The fees are different according to the situation, but is generally around 60 yuan per check.

5, pick up the receipt, about 1 months or so the bank will call to inform you of the collection success.

6, take your receipt and ID card to the foreign currency counter, then you can see your dollar! Banks can also be directly converted into RMB, is currently around 1:8.

related questions:

1, as long as the English address is correct, you can receive a check from a foreign advertising sponsor for about two or three weeks. If you still haven’t received a check in 1 months, you should write to the sponsor and ask for a new post.

2, after receipt of the check, the Bank of China should be more than the county branch, request the collection of checks.

3, 1 months later, you can go to the bank to ask whether the collection is successful.

4, checks are valid for a period of 60 months, generally marked on the check, such as "Void after days" refers to the date from the date of completion of the collection within the effective date of collection within 90 days. The maturity date of the check is based on the date of receipt of the local bank. All in all, we should collect the check as soon as possible. 5, after receiving the check if my account is deleted, but also collection and received the money? Can, in most cases can also.


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