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Pharmaceutical electricity supplier is underway the first batch of 1 stores were the first nternet

can sell things online is now growing, medicine online retail market also began deregulation in recent days, the State Food and Drug Administration on the 25 day of the month officially approved and agreed to No. 1 shop became the third party Internet drugs online retail platform pilot enterprises.

documents show that the State Food and Drug Administration agreed to Shanghai food and drug administration to Niuhai Electronic Commerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Note: Shop No. 1) as the pilot unit to carry out experimental drugs online retail Internet related work on the third platform ". This is also the first comprehensive electricity supplier business qualifications.

is currently the No. 1 shop has signed a good pharmacist, deshengtang, Fahrenheit large pharmacy, one drug network, home health pharmacy, Jiading pharmacy etc. more than 10 pharmaceutical retail chain brand enterprises, will be based on the original relevant category one store, expanded to sales of OTC non prescription medicine.

in addition, the health information recently released data show that: in 2013, China’s online pharmacy sales volume of about 4 billion 200 million yuan, compared with 2012 over 2 times; and it is expected that in 2014, China’s pharmaceutical business transactions will reach 6 billion 800 million yuan.

in such a rapid growth in the size of the market and the promotion of private demand, according to China Securities Network News, the State Food and drug administration is working to develop the first batch of online sales of drugs to open directory. Online sales of prescription drug advice has been completed, is under discussion.

favorable policy is expected to promote the rapid development of pharmaceutical electricity supplier market in the future.


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