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The opening of the forum in Davos steel mesh steel electricity supplier industry contrarian rise

eighth years after the outbreak of the international financial crisis, the world economic recovery is still weak, full of uncertainty. Coincides with the summer Davos forum settled in ten years as China, the world’s attention to the East: how to realize the steel industry capacity to target? How to achieve better Chinese economic growth? How can we really win the future industrial innovation? What is the future of the 4 all over the world to hear the answers?.

June 26th to 28, held in Davos in the summer of 2016 in Tianjin, this year is also the new leader of the year will come to China’s tenth year. The next year will be the fourth industrial revolution: the transformation of the power as the theme, the participants will focus on this theme, to explore innovation, remodeling growth, re set system and other issues.


, our immediate task is how to deal with excess capacity, the problem of capacity." Xu Shaoshi, director of the national development and Reform Commission, said at the forum, the next 5 years, China’s steel production capacity to be removed from 1 to 1.5 tons, of which iron and steel to go to production capacity of 45 million tons. In the opinion of Lu Hongjun Dean of Shanghai Institute of international finance, the traditional industry of low investment, low flow, low efficiency and emerging industries of high expectations, high intelligence, high risk, is a common challenge and problem countries into the fourth industrial revolution. "Take the initiative to implement the supply side structural reform, it is China lead the global economy of courage, courage and responsibility."

The background of

steel net supply side reform innovation road

Chujiubuxin, Phoenix, cannot do without all the reform. In his speech, Premier Li Keqiang delivered to the world the determination of China’s commitment to reform – "actively promoting structural reforms, especially structural reforms on the supply side".

in the background of excess capacity and the supply side reform, which appliance platform can be regarded as the core of the user terminal user, the competitors precisely meet their needs, which platform will be able to win in the competition. As the creator of the iron and steel industry and steel net value of the organizers, the user needs as the core, in different nodes pre-sale and customer service has developed different service standards and control mechanism. The first time, for the terminal and front, namely through the website and the smart device APP, paving the way to interact with customers and channels of communication, keep innovation mentality, and meet the unmet needs of customers, maintain their frontline work enthusiasm, attention and customer intersection intensive areas; second, resources, Taiwan, i.e. through the massive data analysis platform, matching both supply and demand in a short time; third, the transfer of resources or background support, warehousing, logistics and processing platform through access to high standards of intelligent, unified and coordinated management, unified multi brand operation.

The essence of

business is to create value for customers. The customer came to the steel mesh on the platform, the platform must provide cost-effective products, and trade in the process of good experience, this requires a solid background support. Import the most


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