Teach you how to write a good description

We know that

, SEO, user experience is always our focus, less user experience SEO is the failure of SEO, it is impossible to have a high conversion rate, so, good product description or baby description is inside a user experience is very important, we do this, for to improve the conversion rate can play a very important role. Today, I learn the most commonly used and the most reasonable commodity description model. This model can be summed up in three words, the first sentence is in the picture as the center, the second is from the angle of object description, the third sentence is from the perspective of people to describe.

1, the picture as the center of the product description

some people say Taobao is visual marketing, also said Taobao is selling pictures, this is actually a bit too much, as well as independent B2C mall, for example, most of the goods with toy store are the main picture, the picture is clear and intuitive description of the soul baby. Are you sometimes feel that the description of the goods or write baby description is very difficult to start? It is because you do not have pictures, is the so-called one can’t make bricks without straw, is the same reason, if you have the product picture, then you’ll probably find something to say. When the description of the goods, we can explain the narrator like PPT, this time to act as a salesman, as long as you try to put your goods sell on the line, that is to say, the description of the goods is the picture and text interpretation.

2, from the angle of object description of goods

The so-called

to point to describe the goods, refers to the matter of physical theory. Here, we describe the goods from the point of time, be sure to add your own unique things, if you have the same description of the goods, then there would be no characteristic. From the point of view of the object, there is a trick, that is, when the description must put their feelings. Now many people are doing sales, usually on behalf of the consignor, and his hand is not real, this case can be said that he did not have any understanding of the goods, it is hard to imagine that he can write a good description of the goods, the majority is directly COPY others. Contact will have feelings, feelings will have something to say, you can try to tell these stories, talk to everyone, maybe some words that buyers of the heart, with this sentence he could buy. Emotional input is an important weapon that distinguishes you from other sellers of goods!

3, from the human point of view to describe the commodity

sometimes we sell something relatively simple, toss about pat can only shoot a few photos, you can not put the parts apart, that is when we need from the perspective of people to describe. In fact, from the point of description can be very limited space to play, but from the perspective of people to describe can play on the big space. It is no exaggeration to say that there are many ideas, how many ideas, you can have many kinds of baby description. So from the angle of man


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