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Tao Aimin Taobao deal triggered by a series of electricity supplier thinking

following the Taobao C2C platform for the entire network of consumer protection, Taobao has issued a series of new policies, these policies are indicative of Taobao is trying to improve their service levels, improve their own shopping system.

But the Taobao

to the mall users seem to be overdone, pay each year to improve businesses need mall 5 times more than the original, Taobao claims that the move is to safeguard the interests of buyers mall, mall sellers improve service quality. At the same time, as long as Taobao mall mall sellers to meet the requirements of Taobao, it will be returned in part or in full to pay more funds. This statement seems reasonable, but it is clear to squeeze out the existence of small and medium sellers Taobao mall. For the seller, it is easy to reach the requirements of Taobao, so after Taobao return now big sellers need to pay an annual fee of real than before there is not much change, however small sellers in a short time is difficult to meet Taobao’s request, or pay a hefty fee, or out of the two Taobao Mall Road choose one, to continue to develop. For big sellers, they cut down a lot of competitors and don’t have to spend much money. This is undoubtedly the Taobao brand will enhance the mall trick, Taobao mall positioning for the concentration of big sellers, to attract more consumers and increase the market share of Taobao mall in B2C.

regardless of the purpose of Taobao’s new deal is to make money, is the exclusion of small sellers, or enhance the quality of service to provide consumers with a green shopping environment. But overall, Taobao is beneficial to the online shopping market is also useful. Just hurt a number of grassroots level Taobao mall entrepreneurs. For them, this is not fair, don’t give up the cause of hard work hard to give up? Taobao mall has small sellers in the early days of the support can be developed, although many of those small sellers has now become a big seller. But Taobao mall on track to give up the small sellers? This is something that burn the bridge after crossing it.

mall to some extent seller and Taobao belongs to partners, small sellers in Taobao mall shop, put all their energy into the mall shows their trust in Taobao, but Taobao has made promises to the people, perhaps this is the cruel business place, law of the jungle shopping is not easy, no who can be your shelter. I also have my own shopping site, in the pre selection, also consider the past Taobao mall development, but many factors finally chose independent domain name as the homepage, now it seems the right is lucky.

through this event, whether the electricity business should be aware of the risk of the enterprise life into the hands of others. Many companies are about to step into the e-commerce industry can fully trust the shop platform. Taobao should not only consider improving the buyer’s shopping environment, but should take into account the seller’s mentality. I do not oppose the new policy of Taobao, but Taobao should do a good job on the mall after the sale of small and medium sellers to negotiate a solution to the problem, should not be cold in the hearts of the majority of small and medium-sized sellers, merchants can not be broken


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