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The NBA CN domain name was registered after the mediation to NBA

NBA of the United States to open up the market in Chinese, but met a Guangzhou company registered the domain name NBA! Yesterday, a reporter from the Guangzhou City Intermediate People’s court learned that the case has a NBA domain name was registered in the hospital mediation, the two sides reached a settlement agreement, the domain name from NBA to repurchase all. The case is due to the high degree of concern has been included in the Guangzhou intermediate people’s court yesterday released the 2004 to 2008 Guangzhou intellectual property civil trial of the ten cases, puma company’s large-scale rights litigation and Mashimaro and other cases also were included in the ten list.

according to the reporter, a Guangzhou interactive information technology Limited registered nba.cn domain name before, so the American Basketball Association Assets Limited (NBA Properties, Inc.), also known as the NBA product of Limited by Share Ltd will be the company to court.

after the Guangzhou intermediate people’s court judge of the trial work, the parties finally reached a settlement agreement, registered the domain name of the Guangzhou company, agreed to the domain name unconditionally transferred to NBA.


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