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Analysis on the development of third party payment enterprises in the field of mobile payment


mobile payment after ten years of development, to 2012, the mobile payment policies and standards finally began to gradually refine, improve. Subsequently, China’s third party payment industry development system has gradually matured, basically formed a relatively complete industrial chain structure, its payment channels, payment media and payment applications show a diversified development trend.

at the end of March 2013, China has 223 companies received the third party payment license, license type covered prepaid card acceptance, prepaid card issuance, Internet payment, bank card acquiring, payment, mobile phone payment, digital TV pay fixed telephone system of 7 business. Its distribution areas are mainly concentrated in Shanghai (53), Beijing (47), Guangdong (21) in the three regions.

The sustained and steady growth of consumption level

society, bank card consumer penetration continues to rise, and the near field payment technology continues to mature in popularity, good social macroeconomic environment, the third party payment will usher in a wave of development in the spring, the market scale will increase by 50.5%, the market scale will reach 19 trillion and 400 billion yuan. In this seemingly bright future behind, need third party payment enterprises according to their own advantage with the development of policy, seize the opportunity to spread business layout, will let the dream come true with seemingly bright future.

analysis of the development of third party payment companies operating independently:

The rapid development of

mobile Internet, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the Internet industry, but also forced the traditional enterprises to look to the internet. With the support of policy and technology, has brought the huge opportunity for the development of the whole industry to pay more.

advantage analysis:

1 strong technical ability. Third party payment companies want to gain a foothold in the market, the lack of technical strength is the first element of deal, using technology advantages, by strengthening the chain enterprise cooperation, expand the brand influence, expand the market against the non independent payment companies.

2 in the first place to form a market advantage. By virtue of the sensitivity of the market analysis and the advantages of independent identity, are generally ahead of the traditional telecom operators and group operators to enter the market quickly, in the competition has a first mover advantage.

3 customized service capabilities. Third payment business is relatively flexible, in business services and more down to earth, to consumer feedback timely processing, and customized according to the needs of personalized service, so as to strengthen the ability of traditional electricity supplier.

disadvantage analysis:

1 relies heavily on a single industry. Independent third party payment application is relatively simple, resulting in low risk resistance. It should analyze the market environment, combined with the unique advantages of resources, innovation and development, and strive to expand the application of e-commerce business areas, to reduce the single industry >


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