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Jingdong low cost strategy refers to the hype Publishing House said to disrupt its system

"each book is 20% cheaper than its rivals." Following the announcement 4 days after the launch of the price war, Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong yesterday (December 14th), said on micro-blog, will be a substantial reduction in the book membership price within 24 hours, to ensure that more than 20% cheaper. Since then, the book B2C market price war began.

and Liu Qiangdong will be at the end of the matter is relentless commitment or a gimmick, anyway, publishers are not willing to watch the book by the Jingdong "cheap". Century Publishing Group Vice President Shi Hongjun after the discovery of the company published the "intention" suffered the Jingdong below the purchase price sales, no longer hold the. "We are the statistics of how many books below the purchase price of the sale in the Jingdong, Jingdong will be also officially negotiations, asking them to stop the behavior, otherwise it will refuse to supply


Jingdong accused of low-cost strategy hype

behind the price war from Jingdong Book channel on the line. Just over a month, Jingdong through continuous price cuts, and frequently provocative traditional books Dangdang B2C site and Amazon two.

December 8th, on the same day dangdang.com in the U.S. stock market, the Jingdong launched the book sales, back over 100 yuan 15 yuan coupons, back over 200 yuan 30 yuan coupons, which is equivalent to the basis of the existing discount and hit 15% off.

in this regard, Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing said, the price war for all competitors will retaliate retaliation." Li Guoqing also responded by micro-blog said, the price war is a false proposition. We have parity tools, are down, and no price advantage." Yesterday, Liu Qiangdong said on micro-blog, "this morning, we honored the commitment, has been on the basis of the price of Jingdong to give members twenty percent off. If you find any member of the book price is not cheaper than 20% can report, we will continue to cut prices within 24 hours, to ensure that more than 20% cheaper, until the price dropped to zero!

noted that the "daily economic news", the Liu Qiangdong said the Jingdong is micro-blog just book products twenty percent off again in the "Jingdong" price basis, and this price is only for December 4th had the Jingdong had shopping membership, which had "every book cheaper than rivals 20% slightly different.

"price to zero? Where is he selling books?." An unnamed publisher said, Jingdong move just starting from their own commercial interests, the purchase price to the publisher network channels are basically the same, the Jingdong can not do every book cheaper than rivals 20%.

reporter then Dangdang and Jingdong after the comparison found that, in fact, Jingdong is not like Liu Qiangdong said, each book in 14 have done less than competitors’ 20%. To Lang Xianping, said: financial transfinite war, for example, Jingdong quoted price of 21 yuan, membership price of $16.8, while Dangdang as long as $15; Henan who provoked who Jingdong price of $7


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