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Within 3 months of a large number of methods to enhance the site outside the chain

2, forum, blog and other platform in doing all these things, many beginners are in a number of forums and blogs in a fixed blind copy, paste, because it really is very boring, so although it can increase the number of the chain, but the written content is easy to ignore, some people even too lazy to change the account, a two account frequently, the result is not the account was closed, is not the amount that browse, there is no one, not to mention what the chain, flow. Do BBS, blog needs diversity, not limited to several forums and blogs, the best of these sites is high weight, easy to be included. Some of the chain I did before, is four, fifty conversion forum, that included fast and stable, does not appear what repeatability, let search engine to maintain freshness, while visitors will feel fresh, feel useful, reproduced or preserved, can increase the number of chain and flow effectively, even the conversion rate. The title of the article to be fascinating, content targeted.

In addition to post

first, want to increase the amount of site outside the chain, you need to know what is the way to get the website chain:

1, Q & a platform such as love in Shanghai know, YAHOO answers, ask, search, question and answer, the interactive platform can be a very good and needs to interact in the platform to find their general site related questions to answer, answer in the natural join our site link, and help them to solve related problems let it, in what we say is recognized, can be very good for us to increase the site outside the chain of high quality, of course, this is the biggest advantage of improving site traffic.

can increase the chain, also can add the chain at the same time to comment.

3, also known as network network network favorites favorites, bookmarks, link storage tools favorites for the system came into being the inconvenience. The emphasis on the chain network favorites, because now a lot of people only know to do outside the chain, blog, forum, lack of diversification, so the chain is not natural. But if you judge the search engine chain is not normal, it is possible for your site drop right or reduce the effect of the chain. So you let the chain network favorites is one of the means of diversification. Here in addition to love Shanghai collection, search collection etc. there are many web bookmarks, you can try. >

Disclaimer: I am not talking with software such as mass cheating, it can rapidly improve the chain, but also great harm, was discovered accidentally the site must be right down, then The loss outweighs the gain.. The main chain of the needless to say, we all know, how much of a site outside the chain, quality directly affect the site’s ranking, the chain is not only to let love Shanghai day or the day included, more important is the stability of the high quality of the chain can bring good traffic to the site. If you do not a few days will be deleted if it doesn’t what effect is it? How to share with you the following methods within three months of massive promotion site outside the chain.


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