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On site Shanghai Longfeng optimization process in the content construction of thinking oriented anal

first, the user needs analysis to statistics every hour and moment demand analysis is one of the core factors of our conception of website content. The main reason is the sufficient analysis you have to face the demand of consumers, as long as we can understand the needs of users according to the demand of creation to meet the needs of users, such as your site in the process of background statistics found that many friends are online search sites that sell jade is good, like the long tail words I found the website, with this opportunity, the author specifically targeted to write many articles, on the long tail word analysis and writing is a writing power and blasting point, secondly, is to solve user problems in certain aspects or doubts, to better meet the user’s search needs, this article is sure to be better to obtain the user’s favor, so enhance the site PV and viscosity is a natural.

as everyone knows, Shanghai dragon website optimization process, the content of the factors is the first one, he is not only the site of the blood, the best is the entrance site full of vitality and user interaction, how to effectively build our website content? The author today in its own web site in the optimization process and you do a little bit simple sharing, the author’s own website is a single page Station Guest, do the main keywords is Lantian jade, the author will make a detailed interpretation and everyone.

third, to find their own selling points, improve the content of the difference. After we analyzed all sites in the same industry content, this time you may find the Internet sites of the same type are very similar and identical, this time the author suggested that we should carefully consider my website and other websites at different points in what place, I mainly want to highlight the theme of the website which aspects of the problem, the next how to do is to put their own content to make a difference, instead of doing a same and peer web content, but the search for differentiation is a key factor to test planning personnel and operation personnel of the core, first requires a clear understanding of the industry, secondly, to their own products and their business must be done to end, can recite fluently from memory to their own advantage, inferior products, well. The author suggests that the resources of the strength of the company or individual can use the website or tag page for web content aggregation classification. Similar to the special website for >

second, a detailed analysis for the website of the industry. For example, finishing their own industry peers or competitors to their website, website structure, website content to conduct a comprehensive analysis, see their website is how to set the title, see their website content is how to do, how to embody the long tail words in the article, see their auxiliary column keywords and keyword is how to layout, although the content changes between the same industry website may be similar, but careful analysis can always find some do not good or others to do good, we must carefully leak filled this time, do everything to help the user to user details experience.


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