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How to deal with the website about web site optimization process snapshot stagnation

: the first space suck. From yesterday afternoon to now, the speed of the open web site has been very slow, bloggers use is free hosting, free hosting fan phenomenon is there, the website does not open, the user can not access the site, when the spider to update the site can not access the site, it would give you a web site what new flow, your site what update it does not know, so snapshot of stagnation is quite normal. So the website in a line, the webmaster should find a good host for your web site, can save money on top of this, the most basic independent IP, free trial period, stable server, good customer service service is to want some, bloggers are now ready for foreign GoDaddy host, in it the Chinese website (贵族宝贝godaddy.idcspy贵族宝贝) that can provide SSL certificate for the electricity supplier site trial.

second: the suck. Website update frequency is usually in the morning update, the spider on the site of the update frequency also have certain habits, but did not update the article in yesterday morning, the update can not according to the original frequency, of course this article love Shanghai is searched but did not put into the database. It is possible that the original is not high enough, the spider web site can not find what they want, so not included is normal, but this space and suck, website open speed slow also has a relationship, may the spider didn’t come at all sites. So stationmaster people often say content is king, the webmaster can not ignore the content in the website optimization status. If it is because of the suck, snapshot of stagnation, the owners will update the high quality articles, attract spiders to crawl sites, as to how to attract the spider, previously also wrote "on new sites to lure spider web". To write high quality content is not very difficult, sharing website traffic sources, users come to your website to see what, for the user to write something is really high quality.

is also love Shanghai big update day last night, an act of love in Shanghai, let the webmaster glum, blogger sites are not exempt, keyword ranking dropped, no more snapshot snapshot overnight stop, we have to think of ways to solve the problem, find the problem, bloggers on their Kedeng blog analysis of the reason.

third: the chain suck. Love Shanghai big update, prior to update, the webmaster should seize the time to make the high quality of the chain, the blogger was very busy those days, nor to do outside the chain of high quality and stability, just also delivered a few soft, although the soft effect is good, but now the Internet is not good and soft to be reproduced, links disappear so the soft effect Not the least trace was found., what, who also don’t know. Do the chain is basically in the forum, but the forum outside the chain is very unstable, update time, outside the chain of a few hundreds, the quality of love in Shanghai on the site outside the chain is very important, reducing the chain >


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