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Network promotion personnel need to have nine query tool

1, website ranking.

Alexa ranking query address: 贵族宝贝alexa.chinaz贵族宝贝/


3, the channel access ratio of

ranking query

Alexa ranking query tool is a tool to estimate the site visits. For your own website, we can accurately count the installation of 51la, cnzz and other statistical code access, but if you want to understand the other site is hard to do. Then we can use Alexa tools to analyze the competitor’s website, to understand the situation of other sites in the same field.

website ranking mainly by site visits to decide, generally speaking, the higher the amount of access to website ranking will. " global ranking " refers to the website ranking, all web sites in the world ranking Chinese " " refers to the site in all Chinese website ranking. By ranking, we can be very intuitive to understand the different site quality.

for larger sites, different channels are generally existed in the two level domain name form. In this way, we can have an understanding of each channel access. " in recent months, website access ratio of " is mainly for IP users; statistical data access ratio, " in recent months, the proportion of " page access; is the main user PV for statistical data access ratio.

Alexa ranking query tool is mainly about the following three aspects of the information, Yue Hao to " Zhongguancun online " as an example for everyone in detail.

here is a numerical estimate, although not the exact figures, but very useful. In general, the greater the value, the more accurate data.

network to promote the strengthening of the consciousness, more and more people began to join the network to promote the army. In order to win in the fierce competition, we must do network promotion personnel know " ". Friends, is to deeply understand the promotion of your site; itself, is fully aware of the competition website promotion. Website promotion can be reflected through some relevant data. Yue Hao believes that if the network popularization personnel can master the following nine query tool, will be able to carry out a comprehensive understanding and analysis of the site, to make a more reasonable promotion target and promotion strategy.

the following data tells us that in.

daily daily website We use

, a Alexa

With the


2, IP and PV


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