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Chen Zhengjie how to choose the best website keywords


Hello, I am Chen Zhengjie. Today we are going to share how to choose the best website keywords. With years of experience and network marketing: four standard keyword selection: (correlation) of a rate (conversion) (a search volume) once (competition).

: the first (correlation) refers to the choice of keywords and website content, for example: the website is the paint industry, then choose the keywords and paint: paint, paint business agent etc.. For example, keywords layout of the site of my www.02082贵族宝贝 is good.


this remind the Webmaster: a lot of Shanghai dragon ER or Shanghai dragon team even Shanghai dragon companies that [love Shanghai with higher scores indicating the keyword in Shanghai love] the greater the degree of competition, this is very wrong. Love Shanghai index and high degree of competition is not proportional! This is why some love Shanghai index is higher, the degree of competition is very small reasons. This article from the original beauty with network, A5 release. Welcome to reprint and complete data to protect the

(search volume) refers to the number of people search keywords, the search is more better. For example, you put the words "novel" in love Shanghai top, will give you a lot of traffic every day.

(conversion) refers to the ratio of transformation of the site by keyword brought about by the flow of transactions (sales website), for example: sell mobile phone website keyword "mobile phone" is not "NOKIA mobile phone" this keyword. "NOKIA mobile phone" than "NOKIA N97 and NOKIA N97 mobile phone" such words, of course, if the news website said this is not very prominent.

Second: !

fourth: (competition) refers to the same type of Web site keywords in the competition difficulty. The degree of competition is as small as possible, in a word: the more people who do the greater the degree of competition keywords. This is the four criteria for the selection of keywords, and if you find such words, then congratulations to you. You will get an unexpected harvest. This is the best choice of keywords best reference


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