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Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel detailed analysis of S log method


: a IIS log file to record what "people" to visit your site, including search engine spiders in what time by the server port to which path to access your website under the domain name, through access to the path server status code number, then you can know what the spider action, we actually can use FTP to download can see, download the file name is logfile, we can see a lot of common status code, and then log in for example 200: successful access and download page to download the KB number; 301: permanent redirect; 304: page 400: no change, error request; 403: the server refused request; 404: 500: dead link; internal server error; 503: the service is not available, the code we should keep in mind! This is Shanghai Dragon The first essential skills of practitioners of

for Shanghai dragon optimization personnel, IIS log is our website optimization compass, barometer is our optimization, we can through the analysis of the IIS log to website optimization direction effectively, thus speeding up the process of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, IIS log is vital for Shanghai Longfeng optimization workers, so we should log IIS how to analyze

five: from the IIS log to see their website article is not already being included, the weight is not very high, if you can try to update the site every day.


three: at the beginning of the line on the website will certainly have a lot of content updates, the new website is to enrich their own website, and spider crawling is to find useful information on the site, and then return to the search engine and crawl to the contents of the index, but also can not be equated to be included in the content in fact, these we can from the IIS log can see you into who found the content they want from what path, what path is not grab, this is not the path that you want to grab the key to overcome the problem of

two: when your site on the line, you will be at the first time your site submitted to the search engine entry, if you submit to the corresponding search engine website, it will be immediately sent to spider on your site to grab information, of course most is very difficult to let the spider to grab the initiative, you to give your website to do a little bait, if the spider, then we can see traces of the spider immediately by logfile, so it can improve the confidence of their construction on the site you can see, after all, love Shanghai spider to your website

! ?

four: in fact, the search engine can through a variety of code to analyze how the quality of your website, such as the 404 page too much, then return to his result is very poor, you do not get good rankings, so the website logfile file code for the website optimization how important



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