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Summarizes the three views influence of improved website love Shanghai algorithm

two, high weight website also face investigation

a simple example, suppose we give A the keyword of the website "Shanghai dragon" has done a lot of the chain, the search engine will be a short period of time to calculate the number of votes and the corresponding chain gives its ranking, followed by the judgment of the search keywords Shanghai dragon and Phoenix into the site is really able to meet the needs of users through the user the act, if not or other sites has more obvious advantages, so love Shanghai search engine will reduce the words "Shanghai dragon" ranking.

chain was that many webmaster is one of the most important factors in Shanghai Longfeng, not even one, in the eyes of many owners, the chain will be the main factor of keywords ranking, from the optimization of the previous results, the chain has occupied a large proportion, no matter how the architecture, content of website quality. As long as there is a large number of the chain support, keywords can also achieve excellent results, the development of software, software group, is to rapidly increase the number of the chain, quickly let the ranking keywords generate customized.

, a Shanghai love will reduce the weight of the chain value


high weight website before it can be said that neither sleep without any anxiety, fear and worry is not included in the site, the site’s ranking, because the weight of high site, have the confidence of the search engine is also very high, the content of the web site update occurs slowly neglect, poor quality, through the acquisition of content to update the site

with the improvement of user experience, proposed the strategy of love Shanghai hand: the implementation of efforts to combat the poor quality of the content; the one hand to provide search engine to provide reference index: Shanghai dragon basic knowledge and suggestions for the webmaster, let everyone a more focused search engine. In fact, the Shanghai dragon Er, before a lot of Shanghai Longfeng content and knowledge have become the past, want to do website optimization more reasonable, should read and master guide search engine optimization love the official launch of the Shanghai, in order to better deal with the search engine algorithm every time change. The recent search engine changes, summarizes the impact of individual factors: three views website

in the continuous improvement of the search engine algorithm, one must not be out, that is the user experience, as can be imagined the site itself factors is the search engine the most attention, people believe that the future search engine mechanisms will pay more attention to the site optimization, while reducing the weight of the chain a low value, because the site is the root cause of the user experience, only to create a good website to be able to solve the needs of users; outside chain only play a supporting role, also play a role in the vote, the vote a lot of high quality the chain can quickly increase the overall weight of the site, also can bring good results keyword ranking but, the duration to be determined by the user, if the internal site do not ideal, then search through the user’s behavior to determine the site Whether it is valuable for web site, and make adjustment ranking.


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