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Shanghai dragon flood era webmaster should be how to retreat

focus on industry dynamics

in Shanghai Longfeng work in the course of several years, feel the best state that every day landing sites to understand the latest developments, such as love Shanghai webmaster forum again today to update what algorithm, an industry broke what love Shanghai bad case, this news although sometimes seemingly and not take sides however, to understand the industry dynamics will let you the overall trend of Shanghai dragon and Phoenix have a great direction, and will not easily go astray, see other webmasters some outstanding cases at the same time, also can let you have more power to do something.

The values of the


a lot of friends in the initial site, do not know their own on site

a few years ago, Shanghai dragon is a new vocabulary, then I just go to college, do the operation of the friends told me that there is a dragon called Shanghai industry, the development of good, let me look at this thing, because the author also entered the Shanghai dragon era, and participate in the early days of Shanghai dragon WHY training it can be said that at that time, Shanghai dragon is very easy, no matter is the baby still love Shanghai, as long as you don’t cheat, the normal update site, increase the chain order, the effect will be very obvious site keywords.

Determination of

is not optimistic about the situation analysis and summary of

today, Shanghai dragon in the internet almost everywhere tend to flood the trend, mass, industry driven formation of links to the sale of the industrial chain, the emergence of a large number of pseudo original software makes normal industry become more complex, "where Chinese will be complicated" this sentence is also applicable to Shanghai dragon industry. We see, no matter what form of cheating within the industry, there are still owners behave most seriously, update the site, exchange links, and reasonable publicity. But in recent years, Shanghai continued love algorithm in disarray, so many rules of the owners also become frustrated, helpless, no matter what you do or have the right to be reduced, even by the K example, the author in this year is also suffered setbacks, but also summed up some truth, is willing to share with the webmaster, common progress.


once the site is down right and be K, many people first reaction is to blame love Shanghai, actually this kind of practice not only for nothing, also let oneself lose some of our confidence in the website, the correct approach is to first in the industry website, QQ group in the observation, if the majority of people and you are the same, so don’t panic, is likely to be search engine, search engine is relatively stable in most of the time, but does not rule out the possibility of sudden accident, basically if the situation encountered most of the websites of your website and the same industry are the same, so please continue your work before, wait, there will be a good result. If you find that only a small part of the site as you drop right, then we will observe the log ab initio analysis, observation, in the chain, the chain, outbound links, website security and so on, believe to be able to find the root cause is right down.


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