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Running to improve the details of three new sites included speed to seize the multiplier

because human beings have a common problem is that the new government took office three fire, a new station will have a lot of energy to operate the site, so the content and the chain of new sites are soaring in a very short time, but this type of website construction boom is not enough to get love in search of Shanghai the engine is the focus of attention, if words are also negative attention, because for search engines, more want to see is the website operation for a long-term stable construction, rather than the frenzied days of construction, the next few days and there is no static approach, even if one day the chain growth rate the content of growth too fast, too much, it will be like Shanghai that is cheating, will be the site close to the black box in the longer time.


, a new online early not to install love Shanghai statistics

a new website successfully embodied a large number of many of the efforts, so many owners want their website once launched successfully, it can be the love of spiders in Shanghai included, and then hope to get a better ranking, in order to achieve profitability. But this idea if we do not pay attention to some skills, want to improve the site rankings and included speed is not a very simple thing, because some of the new site after just entering the Shanghai love field, Shanghai will enter into love box detailed observation, such as many defects of new station and the update speed of fruit the structure of the site, so the site to be released and get some ranking is very difficult.

two, website launch chain and content construction step by step

for a new website to avoid getting into this awkward situation? In fact, the method is very simple, as long as the focus on the three aspects of the details below you will find a new love Shanghai smoothly through the detection period, and received approval to increase the love Shanghai love Shanghai ranking is not a very difficult thing.

A new

webmasters on the line just on his website very high, wish every day through the love of Shanghai to look at how the website traffic statistics, but it is for those sites has been in operation for a period of time, is very appropriate, if a website is just on the line, so love Shanghai statistics will be installed backfire, because the installation process is to love the Shanghai statistical code embedded into the website, web spider through the code to extract traffic data on the site, and then back to the station to understand the statistics on the sea of love. If a new web site to install love Shanghai code, is a website is completely exposed in Shanghai love field, and a new station in terms of structure or from the contents of the original and the chain and forming quality can not be compared to the site, so in this case will appear to show the love of spiders in Shanghai your ugly, this is clearly not love spiders in Shanghai’s favor, not to mention the site included speed will increase.

So how to

three, do soft chain and quality chain

Early enthusiasm


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