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The construction of the chain of social resource

two, CMS

has a very good effect in a few years ago, as a result, some webmaster, others will copy the template, add your own website and link, and for other owners to use.

look, love Shanghai’s search results, there is also a growing number of micro-blog, renren贵族宝贝 website ranking, and included the amount of the long tail word ranking is also very impressive. So where is the chain construction, not only very high quality, but also get considerable traffic sources.

analysis: there are many CMS systems free on the Internet, many websites especially personal website or some enterprise site, is to use the CMS system available, such as Dede, shopex, WordPress, ECSHOP, as the program is open source, the construction site is very convenient, as long as the corresponding template can be set.

chain construction has been the site optimization personnel, every day will do. So, what are the effective method for the construction of the chain, the chain can establish a stable and secure. Today, following the 10 swine Q chain construction method described above, then 5, I hope all of you how to do outside the chain, there is a little inspiration.

however, in mid April in MADCon, Shanghai, Lee love said, relying on free chain template to obtain, in effect slowly lose. Of course, if it is by invitation website webmaster manufacture template, one-way links added by the active site, if the site is similar to the theme, or the number of Q pigs still think of these links, the quality is quite high.

these social media, communication objects are to their friends and family, around the people around. For example, everyone in the online, on which a romantic novel good-looking, then Q literature stands on the reader, recommend a few, similar to ordinary female emperor’s wife, poisonous and handsome husband is a high school student, and other users, to enter the station after reading literature, also feel very good in their circle, many times Q pig station repeated literature recommendation, or web link address, which can be considered to be a very good recommendation.


familiar with the CMS system of the webmaster, can make different style template free for other owners to use, the only requirement is that adding template producers on the website of the Links. This template, add Links way for the chain.

analysis: here there are relatively well-known Sina, micro-blog, micro-blog, Tencent, renren贵族宝贝 Douban network such as social media, love Shanghai optimization guide, on how to obtain a ranking pointed out that the determinants which website can ranking in front, is recommended.




, a social media website

template system

analysis: the strength of the network.


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