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How to Knowledge has no limit systematic study of Shanghai Dragon Technology

Shanghai Longfeng for most web sites, is the best way to get traffic, especially for some less large such as B2C site, because many of the page, tap the long tail, limited cost plus so Shanghai dragon is particularly important. So what we can do to maximize the learning of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon everyone is really the chain so simple? In fact, Shanghai dragon is the Knowledge has no limit. systematic study, Shanghai dragon is not a simple thing. Put some of his own feeling to summarize and share with you today.


based search engine

the second stage is a thorough understanding of your website, there are a lot of things you need to learn this stage, JS, HTML, CSS, CMS, ASP or PHP, because Shanghai dragon sometimes need to batch operations, especially for large sites, as long as you can know strategy after manufacturing phenomenon. In addition, the optimization of the site must start from the inside, only the content to meet the Shanghai dragon, on the site on a large scale can save a lot of effort, not only will make detours. Now many webmaster is a mature open source CMS, some two times will not develop and modify, and not completely on the site of internal optimization, just simply modify the title, the Shanghai dragon only the most simple, there are many places need to be improved. When we know enough when your own web site, to use their own knowledge to optimize the Shanghai dragon, outside interference to a minimum, otherwise, after problems, and sometimes is not a technical problem, but the question of procedure.

A thorough understanding of of your site

study of Shanghai dragon, naturally want to see a lot of basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon, but the Dragon Shanghai knowledge where look? Is a lot of forum or download system of Shanghai dragon tutorial? Is to participate in training or see YY voice? Actually think carefully, each method has merit, but I still advise we look at some of the official website, such as baby noble quality guidelines, there are many search engines related basic principle, the contents read, can let us know the reason, but not the answer. We go to study in Shanghai Longfeng knowledge website, someone else is spread, we look at the basic principle, is the understanding of their own, the more, believe in your own heart also has a standard.


test summary continuously improve

learning Shanghai dragon first to understand what is the Shanghai dragon, understand search engine and set the basic principle of grasping, indexing and ranking algorithm, this stage is to suggest that we read more books on the SE, there are detailed based search engine principle; and then do a website, including learning dynamic language sometimes, some CMS, Shanghai dragon batch operation; finally is to test and adjust their knowledge, and then let the Shanghai dragon is verified, and constantly improve themselves.

understand the principle of


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