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mprove the site page number included the full occupation of Shanghai love search results

was the first to talk about the increase of the site map, this basically has become the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization standard, but the increase in map of the non conventional means they need to optimize the original content and the support of the chain, the chain is the site and the spider came to an important cause of the site map site and smooth ergodic, original content can let the spider experience gluttonous dinner inside the site, harvest more web content for the website, which is love Shanghai search engine included the inside pages of. If additional map, no original content and the support of the chain that is useless.

is the site of the structure optimization, it is easy to overlook many optimization, many webmaster with architecture basically is from the Internet on the open architecture, then the content filling mode, and some of the written acquisition algorithm, direct content acquisition > by software

increase in the original content and the chain is the conventional method of website optimization, involve the content again on the Internet has been an immense number of books, not what the new fresh elements, if it is fresh recently love Shanghai algorithm update the construction site of the original and the chain pays more attention to the quality and relevance of this is a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization workers need to pay more attention to, before a lot of optimization staff is only using a highly optimized pseudo original, implant some keywords to original content, in the construction of the chain also adopt such a strategy, but in the new algorithm, the policy effect has been greatly reduced, the need for further the method is perfect, perfect correlation and help users of.

so how to improve website pages included quantity? This need from two aspects, one is the conventional method to increase the number of original content website and the ratio of the chain, the other is a non conventional method, which requires a certain technology, additional site map and set the framework, through this two aspects can maximize the website ranking and the number of pages included.


brief description of the conventional method

is a website to be successful, can not simply put on the front page of the site ranking make up, this is not in fact to much effect on the site, unless you are getting home, but this single page website has become an object of hatred, on the Internet has become an important object of love crackdown in Shanghai, of course at present most of the website on the Internet are divided into three pages, a home page and column page and the content page model, here the author mentioned a concept, that is the inside pages optimization model, through the promotion of website pages in the ranking fell in love with the sea, but also enhance the number of love Shanghai included in the page, through this Shanghai love way to capture the search results, and achieve the best display their own website, this website can not only enhance the site’s ranking And more important is to increase site exposure, thereby providing more support for drainage.

non conventional methods for a detailed description of the


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